Love to Save Money? Here are 5 Vacation Essentials You Can Find Cheaper

5 Vacation Essentials You Can Find Cheaper

When it comes to booking a vacation, who doesn’t love a bargain? Saving money on vacation essentials means more money in your pocket for an extra cocktail or a night out. So, here are some of the essentials you can save cash on when you’re booking your next trip.

  1. Flights

Saving money on flights has never been easier since there are now dozens of flight comparison sites that help you find the right fare. Some ways you can make the most out of these sites include:

  • Using incognito mode – some flight sites use cookies, so the more you search, the more the price goes up. Avoid this by browsing in incognito mode
  • Being flexible with dates if possible
  • Opening up your search to nearby airports – an extra 20-minute drive to the airport could save you money

Nobody wants to pay more than they need to for a flight, so shop around and get the best deal.

  1. Airport parking

Never wait until the last minute to book your airport parking. Those who drive up to the parking lots and pay on the day will pay the most. If you want to save money, use, which allows you to choose from different parking lots to get the best deal. In general, the cheapest parking can be found in outdoor lots with shuttle buses, but you can sometimes get good deals on terminal parking too.

  1. Airport lounges

vacation - Airport lounges

If you have a long stretch between connecting flights, you may be tempted to splash out for an airport lounge. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can get discounted or even free lounge access, so you have somewhere comfortable to wait. There are several credit card offers that include free airport lounge passes, and if you’re a frequent flyer, you may have enough points for free entry.Some credit cards offer free airport lounge passes, and if you’re a frequent flyer, you may have enough points for free entry.

  1. Car hire

The daily rate to hire a car is usually pretty cheap, but the moment you get to the rental desk, you will find the price will soar, and a load of extras will be piled on. Many people simply say yes to the extra cover, even though you may not need supplemental car hire insurance, so check the terms before you arrive. Some other costs that can increase your bill include hiring infant car seats and a GPS unit. Many airlines let you bring a car seat on-board, and you can use your phone for navigation, so save yourself money by avoiding these extras.

  1. Hotels

Nobody wants to pay over the odds for their hotel room, so you may hop onto comparison sites to see if you can get the rate down. However, it’s worth remembering that comparison sites need to make a commission, so at times, it’s better to book directly with the hotel. Booking direct can sometimes come with perks, such as a free breakfast or free parking, which means you can get more for your money.

Even if you’re an experienced budget traveler, there are always ways you can cut down your expenses a little more, giving you more cash for fun things.

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