How To Remain Healthy On Foreign Tours

If you are travelling abroad, it is highly suggested to take precaution as ill health on foreign land may ruin your trip and also make you unfit for a period of time. Below are some related tips:

Healthy On Foreign Tours

Preparation for overseas travel

It is well understood several countries have native diseases that may not be seen in your region and you may not have been vaccinated for those. Before you move to an international location, it is suggested to check the traveler’s website of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). You will get necessary information and suggestion for vaccines and precautions as well. It is also urged to take advice of your primary care doctor before traveling to foreign land.

Prevent blood clots

Blood clots are common conciliation that affects us and it can be dangerous too. It is suggested to take frequent breaks if traveling by car for longer period. Get down of it and take a walk around. Try to stretch your body as it is beneficial.

If on flight, it is adviced to move around frequently.

Mountainous areas precaution

Many gets ill visiting mountainous area as you may face breathing problems. Some may develop brain swelling and may feel sick. Such places are highly dangerous if you have heart or lung problems.

It is adviced to talk to primary care doctor before visiting high altitude.

Chronic conditions

Take enough medication if you have chronic conditions as you can never leave it behind. Label all the medications properly and while on airplane try to carry enough of it in baggage. In case you are carrying insulin, you should have plan how to keep it cold in other countries. Note, you may not get the prescribed medicine overseas.


Don’t forget to have insurance for your travel emergencies. It is highly necessary and you should also know how your health insurance covers you while on travel. You can also purchase travel insurance so that you can receive medical care if needed, and also can be evacuated.

Zika virus

In past year the Zika virus was on the rise and unfortunately it is not going to be eradicated soon. So it is highly necessary to be aware of its risk to men and women of childbearing age. Get up-to-date information about the virus in the land you are planning to travel if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. It is better suggested to postpone the travel if plan of having a baby is on the card.

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