Seeing the South: 3 Historical Points You’ll Love in Texas

3 Historical Points You'll Love in Texas

Seeing the South is probably worth considering. You can book accommodation in the most luxurious hotels or get lodging in local homes depending on what works best for you. Also, you can enjoy amazing delicacies and explore the diversity of culture. Planning a trip with your family or going alone for an adventure? We have three historical points that you will love to visit in Texas, so here we go:

The Alamo

This is definitely one of Texas’s most historic battle sites. It is a fort designed in the Spanish Colonial-style and was home to the missionaries originally. In 1836, during the 13-day Texas Revolution, the Mexican troops conquered the Texas soldiers who volunteered to fight. When you visit The Alamo, you can still feel the rich historic aura. Visitors pay homage to the brave men who battled and lost their lives in line of duty. Some renowned personalities include Jim Browie and Davy Crocket. There is a Native American cemetery.

Most of the original structures of The Alamo have gone. However, visitors can visit the mission church and see battle artifacts like weapons and painted art works. The Alamo undergoes preservation since 1905 by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Admission to the museum and site are free.

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site

The Texas Revolution took place in 1839. Visitors to the site see a 1200-acre battleground and see the point where Texas got its independence from Mexico. Visitors can walk the historic lands and see the monument dedicated to the battle as well as the USS Texas, which was a warship built in 1914. Visitors can notice the Mexican and Texans camps and the area where the Texans army made advancements during the battle.

The monument at San Jacinto Battleground emulates the Washington Monument. Tourists can use the elevator to go to the 489 feet high to see the birds eye view of the surrounding grounds and Houston city. There are museums and homes to explore and enjoy the rich Texas history. You can have a guided tour of the ship, the sleeping chamber, engine room, and the area where you can view preserved anchors and guns. It’s simply amazing!

Point Isabel Lighthouse

Point Isabel Lighthouse

The Point Isabel Lighthouse is in one of the oldest towns known in the history of Texas. The lighthouse served mariners traveling the Lower Texas Coast in the 1900s during the Civil War. Today, the Texas State Park System encompasses the historic building and the grounds surrounding it. The Lighthouse has a spectacular with picturesque ambiances. The view of the Lower Laguna Madre bay, South Padre Island, and Port Isabel are simply stunning.

Prepare to Visit

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