Top 5 Amazing Things to do for a Wonderful Vacation at Halong Bay

Top 5 Amazing Things to do for a Wonderful Vacation at Halong Bay

Halong Bay is the most visited destination in Vietnam by tourists. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It attracts most tourists as it has a huge range of activities for tourists which they can enjoy. There are fun and adventure activities for young tourists, who would like a thrilling vacation. On the contrary, the place offers good relaxation, sightseeing, and peaceful activities for families, which they can enjoy with their loved ones. Here are some things which you can do, which will make your guaranteed wonderful vacation at Halong Bay more amazing.

1. Take an overnight cruise:

A smart choice to make is booking an overnight Halong Bay luxury cruise for yourself and your travel partners. This way, you can take advantage of your tour and indulge in as many activities as possible. The cruise gives you accommodation, good food prepared by professional chefs, and prepares a great itinerary for you.

The hospitable staff will give you great services like room service, entertain any special requests like a birthday or anniversary celebration on the cruise, or get relaxed in a spa, bar, or massage center on the cruise. However, most of all, you should enjoy the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay. Tourists from all over the world come here for sightseeing, admire the area’s scenic beauty, and how pieces of land are scattered in the beautiful ocean. The main cruises that operate at Halong Bay are Mon Cheri Cruise, President Cruise, and Heritage Cruise. These have good ratings and reviews and are known for good staff services.

2. Visit Fishermen’s villages:

Among the several islands at Halong Bay, some islands are home to the local fishermen over there. That’s why these islands are also known as Fishermen’s villages. Here, you can interact with the local fishermen of the area. You can get to know about their day-to-day life, what processes they use for fishing, and how their fishes are distributed to the rest of Vietnam. Moreover, there are a couple of fish markets in these villages, so paying a visit is also worth it. You can see how the fishermen and shopkeepers bargain and trade there, to know how the merchants and the economy work over there.

Another thing which these villages have are floating markets. These markets can be accessed by boat and have several shops or stalls selling fruits, handicrafts, souvenirs, and pottery. You can test your bargaining skills here and see how well you can push the price down. You can also buy handicrafts and souvenirs because they are prepared with great love and passion by the locals for the tourists.

3. Water sports and activities:

You have not really visited Halong Bay if you did not dip into the water for some fun. There are several water activities offered by cruises or you can pay for water sports when you reach the island. Some of the fun activities are banana rides and donut rides. You can go in groups of three or four as the speed boat pulls you away from the shore. If you are a good swimmer, you will really enjoy the banana ride as the boat will throw you into the sea for some fun. Other activities include jet ski, as you pace into the water. You can also go rowing or kayaking in the water and admire the beauty of this exotic location, as you have your boat in control. There are also the scuba diving and snorkeling services. You can admire the beauty underwater as you witness the aquatic life under the ocean.

You must not worry about safety as all precautions will be taken and your safety will be the priority over there.

4. Visiting the caves:

There are many caves in the region of Halong Bay, which increase the mystery and beauty of this wonderful island. Surprises never end at Halong Bay. These caves show the geographical and historical importance of this area. These caves are hundreds of years old and slowly and steadily formed into such beautiful rocky structures, which Vietnam is now blessed with. These caves were also used in times of war for the military. Some of the caves include Hospital Cave, Virgin Cave, and Me Cung Cave. The government and the tourist industry have done a great job to preserve these caves for tourism. These caves have shrines so you can visit them. These caves diverge into numerous tunnels so make sure you visit them as well.

5. Visit Ca Ba Island:

This island is the biggest in Halong Bay. A lot of cruises stop here to allow guests to travel. The Cat Ba Island can be explored uniquely through cycling or rickshaw rides, as other means of transport are not accessible. There are some hotels and resorts here too, so if you wish to stay here for a few days, that is also possible. You can cycle through the countryside, where you can get great views of other rocky formations and the ocean. Then you can cycle through the core of the island, where you can find a lot of shops, cafes

When you hear about an island, you mostly feel as if it is only worth it for sightseeing and cruising along the area. However, Halong Bay has much more to it, and there is a reason why tourists love this site so much. It has a lot more to it, other than these five activities mentioned above. It is a wonderful place if you want to spend time with your family and friends, and get rid of the stresses of life and take a break. There are many amazing packages to take you to Halong Bay and you must check them out.

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