Visit Lake Palace In Udaipur, Indian State Of Rajasthan

Considered as one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, the only way to get to the Lake Palace is through one of its launches. It is best to arrive in the evening, just after the sun has set and night has cast itself over the land, as the magnificence of the palace is enhanced by plenty of beautiful lights. As soon as you reach the shore of the lake, the very first sight of the palace would surely catch your breath. Floating in the center of the lake, you will feel as if transported into a fairy tale.

Lake Palace In Udaipur

Lake palace stands in the middle of the Pichola lake, which is surrounded by hills, embankments, bathing ghats and shrines. The Motor launch cruises are arranged for you to reach the Lake Palace. Built in 1754, it presents a breathtaking example of the fusion of Mugal Rajput architecture. The enchanting view of this architectural marvel rising from the serene waters of Lake Pichola is sure to captivate you.

Lake Palace

You have to sail through the southern end of the lake to reach the palace. The Lake Palace amazes and delights you at every turn. Crafted out of pure white marble, the slender carved columns, fountains, filigreed screens, domed chattris to the bottom of its swimming pool, all were created for the private frolics of a princess.

lake palace in udaipur

You are suggested to take lots of film, as capturing the misty beauty of the palace may result into endless photo shoot. Situated 800 feet from the banks and covering an area of 4 acres, the palace is a three storied building, created out of yellow sandstone and marble slabs. The dome of this palace looks like a crown. The interior is decorated with colored stones. There is a spacious circular apartment built elegantly in white and black marble, murals and paintings.

Other Fascinating Sites

Make sure to visit plenty of fascinating sites that lie within a 100 kilometer radius of the Lake Palace. The guides will gladly assist you in drawing up itineraries that will fill each day’s touring with interesting places to visit and people to meet. There are artificial lakes and gardens such as Jaisamand and Sahelion-Ki-Bari, intricately carved temples such as Nagda Eklingji, Nathdwara and the Ranakpur Temple to be visited.

lake palace udaipur

Boat Rides

One of the major attractions here are the boat rides. The boats leave regularly from the City Palace jetty, known as Bansi Ghat, and take you on a pleasant trip around the lake.

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