> How To Make Rabbit Cage, Custom Cage For your Bunnies

How To Make Rabbit Cage, Custom Cage For Bunnies

Many rabbit cages in the market are very small, and a bunny in a tiny cage is a very bored bunny. Sometimes it’s not possible to allow a pet rabbit to roam-free in the house due to hazards, such as other household pets like dogs and cats. One great way to give them the space they need is to make them a custom homemade cage.

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Build a Custom Rabbit Cage

Purchase wire shelving. The wire squares are perfect for rabbit cage walls. The included connectors can be used, but many people just use zip ties. A basic rabbit space can be made 4 squares long, 2 squares wide, and at least 2 squares tall. The squares should be connected with at least 3 zip ties, one on each side and one in the middle.

The walls can be easily connected by laying them out on the floor and adding a square at a time. If zip ties are used, dowel rods, or other poles may be zip tied to the squares to reinforce the straightness of the walls. Doors can be made by simply attaching one side of a square in 3 places that will act as hinges. The door can be secured closed by binder clips or other clips like skinny chip clips.

Rabbits are all different, and some rabbits can be in a space without a top, as long as it’s high enough to keep them from jumping out. Some rabbits will try to escape and may need wire cubes on the top of the cage too. If a top is needed, rods may be used to keep it sturdy.

There are Many Options for Making Custom Rabbit Cages

Rabbit cages that are made from wire storage cubes, can be made into different levels, sizes and shapes. The options are endless. Dowel rods, curtain rods, or even broom handles can be used to keep the upper levels stable, and carpeted boards can be used to make the ramps easier to navigate. Rabbits can hurt themselves if shelves are too high, so make sure the upper levels are easily accessed. Secondary levels can be attached with the zip ties, much like the walls. Rabbits love having different places to explore and move to, so a bunny owner can use their imagination to make the rabbit cage something that their bunny will really enjoy.

Rabbit Cage flooring can be made from Coroplast, which is a corrugated plastic, like the type used in signs. This protects the owner’s floor from stray rabbit accidents. Sometimes that is hard to find, so many rabbit owners make do with linoleum, or carpeted boards, rugs or even sheets. Even a plastic baby pool, or shallow plastic container can help catch rabbit shedding, and stray bunny droppings. Whatever is used, it is important to keep a close eye on how the bunny is treating it. If a rabbit is chewing the carpeting, or other flooring, it may be necessary to change it out to something else. It is also important that a rabbit not spend a major amount of time on hard surfaces like wire, so that they don’t get sore hocks.

Custom Rabbit Cages can be Modified and Expanded Easily

One of the big advantages for having a rabbit cage made from wire shelving units, is that it can be easily changed. If one shelf isn’t working out, it can be removed, or moved to another location. The cage itself can be expanded to as large as an owner wants. Simply adding more wire cubes can make a bunny cage into a rabbit paradise.

The cubes can also be attached together to make a play yard for outside playtime, or set up in other areas of the house for a protected change of scene for the pet bunny. Also, for the owner that wants their pet bunny to have the run of the house (which is very fashionable in bunny owner communities), the wire squares can be used to bunny proof certain areas, blocking off spaces that the owner wants protected, like entertainment systems, and places with lots of wires.

Custom Rabbit Cages are a unique way to give a pet rabbit the space he needs without spending the money that a store bought cage would cost. It is simple to assemble, and the possibilities for layout and size and shape are as endless as the rabbit owner’s imagination.

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