Protecting Bird Habitats Across America

Protecting Bird Habitats Across America

Statistical evidence highlights just how significant the decline is in a huge number of birds across America, and the biggest reason for this is the decline of habitat across the country. There are some quite terrible facts that are such clear indicators of where we have gone wrong. The industrialization of the world has lead to wonderful things but it has also put our entire eco system under strain. At present, we have lost over 290 million acres of grasslands across the country, which in total is the equivalent of 130 Yellowstone National parks! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand what that means for a huge range of different bird species.

Thankfully, there are conservancy companies doing great things to try to reduce the impact these changes have made, with huge efforts to restore great swathes of land across the country to encourage the growth of populations of threatened birds. It’s important to remember that protecting bird habitats doesn’t come easily.  Of course, none of this work is done easily, because the march of our industrialized world is completely at odds with the restoration and protection of areas suitable for wildlife.

As someone who cares about our planet, the wildlife and our natural habitats, there are things you can do to make your own difference. Some people focus on what they do where they live, and you can help even just a little bit by making sure not to use dangerous and harmful pesticides, and by using plants that are native to your own area, to encourage the proliferation of the natural habitats of your area, but perhaps the best thing you can do is to find conservancy groups, and donate generously. The money you give will go directly to the causes you care about, and help to fund efforts that are going on all over the country to protect the lands that endangered birds can thrive in. These efforts can’t even take place without the generous donations that people give, and indeed, these conservancy groups wouldn’t even exist without people giving their money towards the cause.

If you’re interested in the protection of birds, and agree that our continued assault on our country is not ion the best long term interests of our bird population in America, it’s well worth spending some time on the internet finding out more directly from these conservancy teams, looking to change things for the better. On their sites you’ll find all sorts of information about the decline in numbers of endangered birds and you’ll also discover where the problems are arising to the most alarming degrees. You should also be able to find out about what you can do to get involved with the conservancy, and perhaps most importantly you’ll find clear instructions on how to donate to these incredibly important campaigns. Our natural habitats have to be protected, but with your help, we can arrest the change for the worse that we have been seeing over the last few decades.

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