4 Important Reasons to Have Regular Fire System Inspections

4 Important Reasons to Have Regular Fire System Inspections

Fire system inspections are sometimes viewed as an inconvenience. In fact, each inspection is providing value to you and your business. Here are a few of the ways that a proper inspection benefits the company today and in the years to come.

Making Sure Everything Works Properly

You spent quite a bit of money making sure your place of business had the proper type of fire protection. It only makes sense that you would want to protect that investment and ensure you get the highest possible returns. One of the ways you do that is to contact a professional at one of the local fire suppression services and arrange for an expert to inspect that system on a regular basis.

Remember that it only takes one fire to destroy your finished goods inventory, reduce important documents to ashes, and make the workplace impossible to use for anything. An inspection will ensure everything from the alarms to the overhead sprinklers to the extinguishers are always in top working condition. That makes it easier to contain a fire and minimize the damage to the operation.

Making Sure Everything Works Properly

Keeping Insurance Premiums Lower

Did you know that one of the discounts your business insurance provider extends has to do with the fire suppression equipment you have on hand? As long as you can provide proof that the equipment is maintained properly, you will continue to receive the discount. Put off those inspections and your provider will consider your company to be a greater risk. That means higher premiums without any additional points of coverage.

Remaining in Compliance With Local Regulations

It’s not just the insurance company that has an interest in how well your fire safety systems are maintained. The local jurisdiction also wants to know the equipment is in top shape. If you proactively have everything inspected regularly, the local fire chief will not find any failings and impose fines that could be quite expensive. Keep in mind that if the chief does discover some serious infringements of local fire safety codes, your operation could be shut down until you correct those issues.

Protecting Your Employees

The single most important thing about inspections and keeping your fire safety equipment in top shape is the welfare of your employees. If a fire should break out, you want the system to deploy properly and allow your employees to exit the building without sustaining any type of injury. As valuable as the company’s other assets happen to be, most of them can be replaced. The same cannot be said for an employee who sustains a life-changing injury or who dies because the system failed to perform at optimum efficiency.

When was the last time you had an independent expert inspect and evaluate your fire safety system? If you are having trouble remembering, that’s a sign to call ControlFireSystems today and arrange for a professional to visit your facility. The results of that inspection will let you know if all is well or if there is something that needs repairs or replacing.


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