Privacy Policy focuses on providing highest level of transparency and here we explain you how much your information is collected by our website and how we adhre to protect those.

Our website, by default, collects couple of your information including your IP address, your browser (such as Chrome or Safar), your operating system (such as laptop or smartphone), your device, the website from where you are referred or directed to our website and which webpages you are visiting on our website through cookies.

Cookies are small files stored in your device through our website to offer you a smoother browsing experience. Your browser reads the files and relay information back to our website or element that originally set the cookies.

With the help of such cookies our website keeps certain information of your experience on like which ads have been served to you on your visit to the website, how many times the ads have been served on the webpages and whether you have just viewed those ads or clicked too. It is also recorded whether you visited our advertisers’ websites, purchased products from advertised services or downloaded any app or other similar things provided on the website. collects general location information too, but it does not identify where your device is precisely located.

We welcome interest of users to use Do Not Track (“DNT”) as their privacy preference if you are seeking another method of informing our website. We respect such consumer choice option but it is important to note here that user experience may be change with this.

Even though we make good faith efforts in preventing your information, but we are unable to guarantee loss, misuse or alteration of the data. We do not warrant your information will be protected against such loss, misuse or alteration by third parties on our website.

We may update our Privacy Policy frequently to reflect changes to the privacy practices and such amendment will be mentioned on the page (Privacy Policy page) of We encourage you to visit this page periodically.

If you have any questions related to the Privacy Policy mentioned here, do write to us at and we will try to make our best efforts to timely respond you as well as make the relevant changes here which may be applicable for the interests of your, our and the advertisers.

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