Review – The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD starts with a nice introduction. It talks about a legendary hero in a cinematic retelling story that sealed away evil. If compared to other titles in the series, this comes with different look. The game is gorgeous and player starts off asleep on top of a tower overlooking the ocean.

As player starts walking, a sister could be seen waiting to greet and she asks what day it is. She says its birthday of the player and thereafter starts tells their grandma is waiting at the house. She emphasizes the player to visit grandma and see what gift she has.

Review - The Legend Of Zelda

It is to be a happy moment, but the little hero is not as there is a tradition in the little island village that at this age he is to dawn the same green garb for one day.

The grandma delivers good lecture to the boy and talks to be cooking his favorite soup for dinner. She asks him to get back to his sister, who gifts him a telescope carrying a drawing of little seagulls.

The hero looks for an instruction how to use the telescope and checks out at the mailbox. He finds the postman and also his enemy as well. The enemy is a huge scary bird holding a young girl in its talons. Now its the time for the hero to save the girl. Well, for that the weapons are very necessary.

The hero gets a sword first and his task is to save the girl. He goes into the woods and fights with enemies and this way he saves the girl.

This is just a small part of the entire game, which is highly interesting and need to play intelligently. It is very much worthy owning the title. It is better than other titles in the series of The Legend of Zelda.

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  • Shameem Ebtehaz

    The Game background and feature looks really good actually . This type of games are really popular now a days . Hope gamers will enjoy this game .

  • The Game is background and feature looks really good actually . This type of games are really popular now . Hope gamers will enjoy this the game .

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