Riot Games Offering Mystery Gifts To League Of Legends Good Behavior Players

Good behavior always pays and this time the same for gamers playing League of Legends. Sometime this week classic Mystery Gift will arrive to those players who demonstrated positive behavior last year.

In a post on the developer’s website Riot Games revealed free stuff are being rewarded to the positive League of Legends players for being an awesome part of their community.

Riot Games Offering Mystery Gifts To League Of Legends Good Behavior Players

Usually at this time of year gifts are rewarded during Christmas, but Riot and few other developers are handing out late Christmas gifts too.

What is the meaning of good behavior in the books of Riot is not tough to identify. The developer has made a list based on the below parameters:

Players should not have received a chat restriction last year.
Ranked restriction should not have also been received in 2014.
There should not have been either the 14-day ban or even permanent ban in the entire year.

The bar seems pretty low as the above things go. In fact, 95 percent of the players were not punished for any of the reasons considered as bad behavior until November 2014.

However, there is a catch. Apart from all these the players should be Level 5 or higher to receive the Mystery Gift. Also, there must be at least ten skins not owned by players.

If all these are met by players while playing last year, the classic Mystery Gift is sure to arrive this week. If not, it will be a good lesson to make a resolution in 2015 to play League of Legends with good behavior intention.