A new music video by Nico Cartosio “Melting”

In just three weeks a music video for the “Melting” melody by Nico Cartosio has got 5.3 million views. An appealing story about love between a composer and a beautiful girl became a hit and brought huge popularity to its author.

Nico Cartosio is a talented composer who became an icon for millions of classic music fans in just a year. In no time he made a dizzying pirouette from being an ordinary composer to a star which his debut album “Melting” being released before long. Three out of the eight album’s compositions already have their own music videos.

The first video was made for «Snow Above the Earth (Requiem For The Tunes Unplayed)». It was this melody that drew attention of the “Abbey Road” studio producers. “The Beatles”, “Pink Floyd” “Radiohead” and other popular musicians used to record their songs on this studio.

An inflammatory video named “Cocaine March” became this autumn’s most frequently discussed music video. In winter Nico treated his fans with a sad ballade “Christmas on the Moon”.

This work was nominated for Berlin Music Video Awards. And this spring Nico’s audience saw a video for “Melting”, the head track of the album, for the first time. This romantic story won the hearts of millions all over the world. The single instantly became a hit and got more than 5 million views and a pile of positive reviews.

The new music video by Nico Cartosio “Melting”


The album is based on the Tibetan legend about eight hells where souls of sinners freeze after death. The author of the singles believes that these hells are here on Earth and humans are put in them by lack of love, wrath and arrogance. But if the human happens to get rid of his ego he will be able to escape the coldness through true love. And the composition “Melting” leads the way to the freedom of soul.

The world will see the composer’s debut album really soon, its release is set on the 17th of April, 2019. The release is long awaited by all Nico Cartosio’s fans. Not only this disc was recorded on the well-known “Abbey Road” studio, but it was also created in cooperation with the most professional musicians from a London symphonic orchestra: Frank Ricotti, John Lenehan, John Mills and Gavin Greenaway. These great people also worked on the compositions that you have definitely heard in world-famous films: “The Batman”, “Harry Potter”, “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and many others.

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