Samsung Galaxy S6 Review – Gone are the days of plasticky frame

The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with an impressive metal body and critics say it is the hero phone of the company equipped with worldly looks and sophisticated specifications.

The best side of the phone is its smooth glass-and-matte-metal body and the bad part is its non-removable battery along with absent of expandable storage. I must say the sealed metal frames has made the phone very slim. More to this, the complaints of customers about the Galaxy S5, S4 and S3 have been heard that those phones looked very plasticky. This step will win back straying fans and at the same time equaling the phone with all-metal HTC One M9, if not surpassing it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review - Gone are the days of plasticky frame

The phone has left behind much of the DNA of its predecessor, Galaxy S5.

Apart from these, the new phone follows the mobile payments lead of Apple with Samsung Pay. Also, the home-made Exynos processor has got a chance to get in. It even bakes in wireless charging support and compatibility with new version of Gear VR virtual reality accessory. Here lies the point where Samsung becomes taller than Apple. These two features are not found in any of the iPhones till date.

The review is not complete. We will be waiting to write more until April 10 when it will go on sale worldwide. By then the testing and review process will be over. By now it can be said that the South Korean giant continues to build on its camera strengths apart from offering extras that lacks in other Android phones.

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