DirecTV, Hulu And Other Players To Change TV Advertising Completely

Cable cord cutting could turn up real in near future with the launch of DirecTV and similar promises from Hulu too. However, real potential of the new technology in the television world in terms of advertising and sponsors is being looked differently from industry insider and to outsider like a remotely normal viewer or consumer.


Let’s take it this way. There are eCommerce, mCommerce and also physical retail outlets, but the focus point is that real people are buying stuff. Similarly the mobile service providers are terming their technologies as LTE, UMTS and GSM, but the real thing that matters to consumers is to get stuff fast.

The advertisers are now stuck into their own silly distraction and to opt whether streaming service or broadcast. The debate has started and seems ongoing, but it means nothing to any remotely normal person.

As an individual one does not want to know whether he or she is watching streamed or broadcast TV, whether it is locally stored or on-demand. Still, the TV industry are thriving like Linear TV, VOD, Traditional TV, AVOD, SVOD and some more which are equipped with fixed definitions but is of course meaningless to normal people.


One of the biggest problems with technology is how to use the new one with what we have instead of going for new possibilities. Even we are currently in two worlds – the analogue and the digital era. We are completely at a mess of rights.

The future of TV advertising is to change drastically. Our TV will start pulling content shortly from SnapChat, Facebook Live and Periscope. New ecosystem of monetizing will be created. The advertisings will be programmatically bought like personalized against a person with Real-time special offers. It will show ads of local stores or products that is stuck in your Amazon ‘Wish List.’ A whole new concept of advertising will come into force. Those will be more engaging such as downloading a mobile voucher or adding location to Google maps.

Everything will be changed. All assumptions will be ignored like the length of ads, the way advertisements are made, tested and interacted, and everything will be different in future.

traditional tv

Well, things will take time. It cannot be instant. A whole lot of blending of technology, media and creativity will take some time to accommodate itself in our daily routine. Until then keep reading and keep commenting your views in the below box and whether you own DirecTV or traditional cable.

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