Top 5 Silly Mistakes In Online Marketing

Online marketing sounds catchy and attractive. It also helps in earning good money, but for those who try to avoid mistakes. Below we will discuss top 5 silly mistakes made in online marketing:

Lacking onsite content strategy

Top 5 Silly Mistakes In Online Marketing

Earlier it was seen one-page microsites dominated the search engine results pages and this was due to several quality links pointing to those from external websites. After Google Panda update things are not the same and now quality content are getting ranked better rather than such smaller sites. Hence below things are to be taken into consideration while creating content:

Try to put error and grammar-free content without spelling mistakes.
Test formatting to be done carefully with bold, italics and bullet points.
Subheads are important.
Write good length content.

Lacking offsite content strategy

SEO link building campaign is important for getting success in online marketing initiative such as creating good inbound links. However, it is advised not to make unnatural links or manipulated links.

Lack of enough time

Online marketing takes time and it is much like stock market. Sometime the investment trend upward but stopping soon becomes risky. In the same way the online marketing is not for short-term.

Lack of enough budget

Usually it is seen people compromises on the SEO part of their website but this need to be avoided. A good SEO demands good budget too.

Not distributing workload

Online marketing is vast and also complex. A single person can’t manage it alone. It needs a good team of professionals. Sometimes in-house team becomes costly, so business houses outsource the job to online marketing agencies.

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