Companies Can Motivate Their Workforce Using This Easy Method – Employee Engagement

Companies Can Motivate Their Workforce Using This Easy Method – Employee Engagement

Motivating a workforce is high on the list of priorities of every business owner or manager in the country. That is why any easy methods or simple tricks are music to the ears of those who wish to boost the morale of their workforce.

Thankfully, one such trick is as clear as day – employee engagement. It does not take much thought to understand why stimulating employees, making their voices heard and allowing them to be listened to would make them feel more valued and encourage them to work harder.

This quick guide will run through some of the basics of workforce motivation and engagement, its benefits for both the employee and the employer and how you can start listening to your staff’s needs sooner.

Struggles with Motivation

Almost every business under the sun has struggles with motivation at some point in time. This is nothing to worry about – it is a natural course of action for motivation levels to fluctuate – but knowing how to boost inspiration and productivity is key to preventing it from dropping too low.

Engaging with your workforce is a prime example of a simple solution to this conundrum.

·        Why Engage with Your Workforce?

In 2019, a UK study threw up the juxtaposition that workers have never been less engaged, but that – when achieved – high levels of engagement consistently result in increased productivity. These findings speak for themselves, but they are highlighted when one considers the detrimental effect on UK business that this disengagement is causing; British employees are 27% less productive than those in Germany.

Simply put, engaging with your workforce is vital to settling up this imbalance.

·        How Does Engagement Help Them?

Employee engagement benefits both your staff and you. For your employees, engaging them makes them feel valued and stimulated, and gives them a meaning and a purpose to their work other than the task itself.

Having an employer listen to needs and concerns and respond appropriately will make staff stay at a company longer and put more effort into reaching goals for their boss. This is a natural human reaction to being praised and encouraged but also to feeling relaxed and free to speak their mind.

·        How Does Engagement Help You?

As a manager and – hopefully – a people person, the ways employee engagement benefits your staff listed above should sound like winning the lottery. A relaxed and motivated workforce is a group with higher work ethic, better team chemistry and a hunger to improve.

To tap into this potential, you must find new ways to engage your staff. A superb method is to use employee survey software, which can be deployed in flexible and adaptable manners. Asking your employees how satisfied they are, how happy they are and what they want from their job is a simple yet effective way of engaging them and increasing how much they feel listened to.


The results should be tangible. Engaging your employees is mutually beneficial and should encourage an open and motivating environment for work.

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