Tips How To Protect Your Data From Ransomware Attack

In the first quarter of this year the Kaspersky Lab Malware Report noted there was an increase of 250 percent in mobile ransomware. More than 200,000 mobile ransomeware files were detected and these attacks result with significant cost for businesses. If taken a look at the estimates of Cybersecurity Ventures, the global damage costs could be more than $5 billion in 2017. The cost calculation considers lost data, uptime and productivity.

Ransomware Attack

Below are some important tips how to keep you data safe in this era of cybercriminals:

Anti-virus developing companies suggest to update your system regularly and use layer protection. Hackers usually targets older versions of operating systems, software applications and browsers. It has been seen they are not so well prepared to attack the latest versions as they need some good time to learn how to compromise those.

The second thing to consider is to practice offsite storage of data like keeping additional backup copies. Don’t keep these on mapped drives. Even though some ransomwares are able to attack unmapped drives, but the risk is far less comparatively.

Have a firewall, antivirus software and anti-exploit security tools on your system. If possible, add anti-ransomware and anti-malware security tools to it.

Try to know what looks suspicious. Ransomware is detectable and so be on the lookout for phishing schemes. Don’t click on any such link that is suspicious even though it looks like a legitimate website. Avoid such links. Don’t click on any links sent through email or text message from unknown senders.

Train yourself with knowledge and strategy as ransomware is like a war and you need to be well prepared with what to do when your computer or device is attacked.

You must also have a business continuity plan so that your core business is not heavily suffered at times of attack. Keep your systems on regular check by trained professionals.

Don’t forget to look for new technology for assistance. Use blockchain to prevent from ransomware attacks as the feature cannot be exploited as it is decentralized and hence not vulnerable to attack thereafter.

Last but not the least, don’t pay the attackers. Once you pay, they are encouraged and your money is used by them to further research work on how to compromise the latest versions.

It is again to say, the best thing to do is to protect your data as much possible and don’t leave any stone unturned to aid hackers.

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