Escape the Ordinary with an Escape Room

Escape the Ordinary with an Escape Room

Are you bored with the same old weekend activities? If you’re looking for something new to do in Calgary, consider an escape room. Thrilling themes are paired with logic puzzles, physical challenges, and scavenger hunts for mysterious fun. Team up with some pals and see if you can crack the code that gets you back to the safety of the real world.

Who Should Visit an Escape Room?

Who Should Visit an Escape Room

Whether you want to entertain friends, your kids, or even your co-workers, escape rooms are an adventure anyone can enjoy. Each room is rated, so you know who the target audience is. Some rooms are fun for all ages while others may not be appropriate for youngsters who scare easily. You are given a time limit to complete your mission, with most adventures taking one hour. Experienced visitors may opt for a longer game while beginners may want to start small. Success rates are also provided, so you know just how difficult the challenge is to overcome.

Calgary Escape rooms are a blast for groups of friends. There is guaranteed laughter as you try to make sense of the clues. They’re also a fun team building activity for the office. Instead of your usual holiday lunch, book a few rooms for your co-workers. Watch everyone bond as they use their unique skill sets and work together to solve a puzzle. Escape rooms are a great bonding experience for families, too. With no cell phones to distract anyone, it is pure quality time. You appreciate everyone’s talents when they help you achieve your final goal of escape.

What Are Some Fun Escape Rooms To Visit?

Arcadia Adventures is a great choice for beginner and experienced players alike. With three different escape rooms on offer, you can choose the right one for you and your fellow detectives.

A Golden Acquisition is suited for first timers and players of all ages. This adventure takes place in Victorian England. You and your teammates are part of a secret society tasked with protecting a precious artifact known to bestow prosperity upon those who hold it. You must break into a museum and make sure this priceless acquisition doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Lacking in frightening goblins and ghouls, this is a fun room for junior players. A 40% success rate means you have a good chance at victory.

Another room that both kids and adults can enjoy is Ye Old Horrible Dungeon. You mysteriously awaken inside the Wizard’s Tower, settled deep in the forest. The dungeon is filled with old secrets and ancient stories. You must unlock the fairy tale-inspired mysterious hidden inside to avoid forever falling under its magical spell. With only a 15% success rate, this is the most difficult of the Arcadia Adventures rooms.

The final escape room, Survival at Z-Hour, is not for the faint of heart. This adventure pits a team of scientists working on a cure for the zombie epidemic against the hungry monsters themselves. You can choose to play as a lab worker or as a famished zombie determined to make a meal out of the scientists trying to destroy you. Who will survive? With a success rate of 25%, maybe none of you will make it out alive. The team aspect of this game means you can bring up to ten people along for the ride.

Escape Room Tips

 Escape Room

To maximize your escape room experience, arrive fifteen minutes early to your booked session. There will likely be some rules you need to learn before you start the game. Keep the electronics at home; you can’t use them in the room. Some escape room companies do provide lockers for these possessions.

Finally, remember to have fun. Competition can get fierce, especially when ravenous zombies are involved. Don’t forget to simply have a good time.


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