Why The Need Of Apology. How Error At Oscars 2017 Raise Questions

PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) is to be blamed for the mistakes at the Oscars 2017. The multinational professional services network has accepted it issuing two apologies, the first was three hours after the Academy broadcast ended on Sunday night and the second within 24 hours.

Oscars 2017

The mistaken announcement went in favor of La La Land as best picture instead of Moonlight during the presentation of related category.

Academy tweeted a statement with apology from the entire cast and crew of both the movies whose experience was profoundly altered by the mistake.

The tweet read Academy apologize to all who are involved in the error experience including presenters, filmmakers Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway as well as all the fans across the world who were watching the event on televisions.

The statement continued, “For the last 83 years, the Academy has entrusted PwC to handle the critical tabulation process, including the accurate delivery of results.”

La La Land

The Academy meanwhile has also accelerated investigation in the matter and is close to determining that appropriate actions to go forward.

A review is in process about what happened backstage before the presentation of the category. Academy spokesperson Teni Melidonian said the question is not how PwC handled the envelops and how those have been carried out, but the main concern is how it oversees the revelation of the final results at the show.

She added further, “…would be looked at extensively to see what measures need to be evaluated or evolved or completely replaced.”

On the gala day the big question from living rooms to the Dolby Theatre was how did the critically acclaimed Moonlight pull off the big win even after going up against La La Land and capped with fourteen nominations.


Moonlight is the least expensive movie to win Oscar since Rocky with its budget of $1.5 million. In the domestic market it has grossed $22 million and has done exceptionally well with most of the critical bodies. Even ever Academy voter talked high on the film.

Here is what La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz said after mistakenly receiving the award: “Thank you. Thank you all. Thank you to the Academy. Thank you to Lionsgate. Thank you to our incredible cast and crew who are all up here right now. Thank you to Jamie Feldman, to Gary Gilbert…”

After knowing the winner is Moonlight, check the reaction of Jordan. He said, “Guys, guys, I’m sorry, no, there’s a mistake. Moonlight, you guys won best picture.”

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