The Benefits of Writing a Letter to Santa

The Benefits of Writing a Letter to Santa

There are several activities that you can do with your kids during the Christmas break. You are at home, and your kids are too. Make the most out of the number of days that you have together before you get back to work, and your kids go back to school.

If you are starting to run out of things to do during the break, try writing a letter to Santa. It is a fun activity that you can do as a family. Since your kids probably still believe that Santa is real, make the most out of it by telling them to write a letter to Santa.

They believe that Santa is giving out free Christmas presents to kids. Let them know that Santa is only giving gifts to kids if they receive a letter. Hence, you should start writing a letter together. It is not just a fun activity, but it also offers a lot of benefits.

Practise reading and writing

It is not easy teaching your kids to read and write. Even at school, engaging them in academic work is a challenge. The best way to let them learn is by providing a fun environment for them. Writing a letter to Santa is fun. They can ask for a present, but also practise how to write at the same time. You don’t want to turn this activity into something that is academic, though.

Enhance their self-confidence

There are kids today who suffer from low self-esteem. They might not get commendations from their teachers and friends. They might not also excel in their academics. One of the best ways to enhance their self-confidence is by reminding them of their exceptional qualities. You can do so by writing a letter to Santa. Explain to them that Santa gives presents to kids who have done something great, or who possess good qualities. In the process, they start thinking of the good things they have done to others. They will realise that they have lots of good qualities after all.

Appreciate rewards

letter from Santa

It is not necessarily a good thing for kids to learn that they should do good deeds if they are getting something in return. However, if they are, at the very least, they should appreciate it. The idea that they will get something from Santa if they did the right thing during the year will make them realise that they should only do good towards others.

Once you are done writing the letter together, let them know that it takes time before Santa gets it. There is also a chance that Santa might not give them a present, but they should not feel sad about it. Instead, they should learn how to appreciate what they have. You should buy a letter from Santa, and tell them that Santa already gave a response. It should also come with a present that they requested. You can continue this tradition each year, until they realise that Santa is only a fictional character.

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