Review: Bloodborne – Exclusive Game On PS4

Bloodborne is one of the best game this year. Available exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 4 from the stable of Software, the game is sublime in its architecture and design is highly engaging. It is equipped with all the qualities to leave a lasting impression on fans and gamers who spent time exploring the Gothic setting.

Two things strikes first while talking about the Bloodborne and those are that it is a tough and highly challenging game, and how it feels if compared to the Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls games.

Review - Bloodborne - Exclusive Game On PS4

Yes, it is a hard game, but rather in a very optimistic tone. It may alienate gamers, but it is never unfair. Bloodborne is in fact a very open in approach. However, while playing, the necessary skills are taught too to keep surviving. So, it is advised to take the time in reading tutorial materials. Some good basics are mentioned to help how to survive in the game.

It is to take note for those dedicated gamers who are wonderful playing different games safely, Bloodborne is sure to give a considerable challenge. It is very brutal, fast and also unforgiving. It is not very easy to survive, but nothing to get frustrated as those moments offers essential to learning.

The game favors fast-paced fight that is built around high stakes and also high reward philosophy. It is nearly perfect and fighting with enemies give really awesome feel. It causes the character become bathed in life essence of downed foes.

Much of the story in Bloodborne is told through short interactions. It is one of the best examples of implicit storytelling. More to this, the player-versus-player as well as cooperative gameplay have made a return and players are allowed to set up private groups. In the cooperative mode groups of three can team up and fight through areas.

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