Why Mosul’s Victory Important For Iraq To Change ISIS Definition

Could the fall of Mosul be the correct meaning of end of the Islamic State’s eastern province in Iraq? If this is so, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria will thereafter be only defined as Islamic State of Syria. However, in Arabic it will continue to be called as Daesh, an acronym version of the original in English – “Dish.”

ISIS in Mosul, Iraq

The Iraqi forces have lately been pushing into the western half of Mosul, and in fact the northern part of the country in general, which is the most complicated human and physical terrain.

It is also to note the western half of Mosul is more of Sunni Arab compared to the eastern part and so the so-called ISIS has good local support due to such diversity.

Demographically too the city is diverse. The western part is dense urban terrain that leads to the western deserts of northern Iraq. If the ISIS fighters are driven out from the city, they will be ripe targets for the United States and its allied air power.

Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq

However, getting the ISIS out of Mosul is not easy and the fighters too are looking ahead to stay and fight instead of fleeing the land. Block by block as well as street by street combat is required by the Iraqi troops against the group that does not have enough time to prepare defenses and has surely learned from previous battles in Syrian city Manbij and Libyan town Sirte as well.

In the current situation the fighters have been surrounded and it is yet to understand why they didn’t flee earlier. It is probably they failed to realize how cornered they were until it was too late for them to take alternative action.

Apart from all these, the Trump government speaks about conducting a review of its war effort in general as the Obama government did in 2009 before taking steps.

Fall of Iraq's Mosul city

It is yet to understand what decision Trump would make against ISIS in Iraq, Syria and other areas. It would be interesting to learn and assume the consequences.

The 2017 would be different from 2016 and in Iraq the days for ISIS look numbered even though attacks will continue and robusts of the fighters to remain spread out across Iraq.

The day will be a mighty victory for the Iraqis when the national flag will fly once again over all of Mosul. Until then we need to write more, you need to read more to understand the wrap up.

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