Tips to select quality private day school for children

In recent years, more parents are choosing to send their children to a private day school instead of a public school. Today, due to increasing demands, there are more private schools available for parents to provide their children with a better education. When searching for a day school, it is essential that parents research a number of different schools to ensure they select a school that best meets their child’s needs.

Tips to select quality private day school for children

Assessing Private Day School Educational Programs

It is important that a child receive the highest quality education. When searching for a quality day school, it is essential that parents find out the quality of education programs offered at the school. For instance, parents should check to see if the equipment, computer programs, science labs, text books, and other learning tools are up-to date. Other than the basic courses, they should find out if there are other programs such as music, art, and theater. As well, because many parents want to stay involved in their children’s education, it is important to find out if the school keeps parents informed about their child’s progress on a regular basis. Also, they should find out the teacher/student ratio to make sure students receive personal attention. It is essential to learn about the background and the qualifications of the teachers as well as their policies on grading students.

Private Day School Extra Curricular Activities

Programs offered outside of the classroom are essential to shaping a child’s character, creativity, and intelligence. A quality day school should offer a variety of extra curricular activities and clubs such as learning musical instruments, dance, photography, language, cultural programs, arts and crafts club, band, chess club, debating team, drama club, science club, public speaking team, year book club, and more. It is important that a school offers life enriching activities.

Private Day School Sports Activities

Recreational activities play an important role in promoting a child’s emotional and intellectual well being, as well as their physical well being. They help promote such attributes as intelligence, confidence, team work, good physical and emotional health, and good social skills. A quality private school should have a modern gymnasium and offer sports programs and recreational fields that provide such sports as soccer, badminton, fitness, baseball, track and field, basketball, cross country running, volleyball, Yoga club, and more. The goal of the school’s athletic program should be to build a healthy mind, body, and spirit, and impart important life skills.

Tour The Private Day School

private day school for children

Before choosing a private day school, parents should visit and tour the school. They will be able to learn about programs and services offered such as the quality of food services, medical services, quality of the library resources, and counseling services. Look for displays of school awards, students’ awards, trophies, and special projects. As well, note if the school environment feels warm and inviting. Meet and talk with teachers and administrative staff. Teachers should have the appropriate credentials, qualifications, and experience. It is also important to make sure the school is fully licensed and accredited.

Every parent wants to give their children the best education. When choosing a private day school, parents should consider it an investment in their child’s future. To get the best return on their investment, it is essential to choose wisely by researching and visiting the school before making a very important decision that can affect their child’s future success.

After School Care for Children

Once children are in school, finding the right childcare arrangements can become a little more complex than simply sending them to daycare in the morning and picking them up after work. Whether a child is in half-day kindergarten or a full day of school, it’s important to organize childcare for the hours between the end of the school day and the end of a parent’s work day.

Childcare for Kindergartners

If the local kindergarten is a half-day program instead of a full day, finding a childcare provider who is willing to go to the school to pick up a child can be a challenge. Some home based daycares or nannies will collect young children after school, especially if they are within walking distance of the school. Other options for kindergartners are kindercare programs operated by the school or other community based program such as the YMCA. Often a kindercare program will be run inside the same school building or have a bus service between the school and the daycare centre.

After-School Care for Elementary Students

Other after-school care options include hiring a neighboring parent to pick up the child after school and provide a snack and playtime, asking a relative or trusted teen babysitter to provide after-school care, or using a school based after-school program. Options such as hiring a neighbour or teen are often cheaper, but organized after-school programs can be more fun for outgoing kids because many of their peers will attend too. Be sure to get the child’s input regarding after-school care, as more introverted children may prefer to go somewhere quiet where they can unwind after a long school day.

Extra-Curricular and Enrichment Activities

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Enrolling a child in extra-curricular enrichment activities such as dance, drama or tutoring can fill the hours between school and the end of the work day, especially for older children and teens who can walk to these activities. Activities that are not within walking distance can be an option if two or more families share the pick-up and drop-off duties. It may be tempting to try to use after-school hours to boost a child’s education with extra enrichment activities that a working parent may not have time to provide, but be careful that the child doesn’t become overworked. Even older kids still need lots of time to play freely and let off steam through physical activity.

Whether a child goes back to the neighbor’s house with a stay-at-home mom or walks down the hall to the after-school program, it is important that the child is safe, able to get to and from after-school care either by himself or with another responsible adult, and has the opportunity to either participate in fun activities or relax quietly.

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