How To Travel Healthy In Your Foreign Trip

Don’t be overconfident that you may hop into a clinic and get all the information you want to know while on travel. A new study reveals lately some of such infrastructure failed to give measles vaccine to most of the travelers.


Measles is a serious problem in Mexico, Western Europe and many parts of the world. It is unfortunate in about a third of the missed case the travelers were not offered the vaccine by nurses or doctors.

Amid such scenario health experts suggest international travelers need to know certain things before going to the clinic.

Pink pills

The most common potential suffering on foreign land is food poisoning. Survey reveals about 25 percent of the travelers get gastrointestinal problems within first two weeks. In 1980s Pepto Bismol tablets if taken four times a day used to cut the diarrhea risk by over 60 percent. Hence the pink pills were effective as it contains antimicobial properties and forms a protective layer outside of intestinal wall. It is better alternative to antibiotics.

Routine vaccines

If you are going for a trip to Europe or the UK, you will get a chance of getting a vaccine as CDC recommends to keep the international travelers up to date on routine vaccines.

The routine vaccines are the one that we get in our childhood and neither the travlers nor the clinicians check whether the immunizations were completed.

The list of vaccinations is long and includes that of whooping cough, pneumonia, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. The list is complicated too, probably more when you add recommended shot into it for certain destination.

Meanwhile, it is also to take the note that the recommendations of CDC gets updated often like very recently cholera vaccine has been recommended to such destinations where the outbreaks is ongoing.

CDC has also launched a new travel app dubbed as Trav Well for international travelers to keep track of the required vaccines. You simply need to submit your destination and time of travel, you will learn what is needed for preparation.

Health experts suggest to take advice from your family doctor about four to six weeks before your travel date. This will help your preparation process smooth and travel a lot easier.

Traveling safe is always recommended, but traverling healthy is also to be considered significantly while you are in foreign land. Don’t miss the above suggestions and enjoy your foreign trip to the fullest.

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