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3 Inexpensive Home Improvements That’ll Give Your Home a Facelift

3 Inexpensive Home Improvements That'll Give Your Home a Facelift

As a homeowner, you probably have a long list of projects you would like to do around the house to spruce it up a bit. Unfortunately, you are short on the cash to get them all completed.

No worries, DIY devotee—as it turns out, there are plenty of inexpensive home improvements that deliver a big punch for a minimal investment. For example, check out the following DIY projects that make a significant impact on your home’s appearance and will help it look years younger:

A Bathroom Remodel

If your bathroom still has the original fixtures, vanity and old shower door, it is definitely time to give the room a facelift. The average bathroom remodel cost over $11,000 in 2016—and about 20 percent of that amount covered labor. Fortunately, if you are handy at DIY projects and don’t mind tackling a few things at a time, you can remodel a bathroom for smaller amounts spread out over time.

For example, you can head to a local big box hardware store and pick out a new vanity and then install it yourself for far less than hiring a contractor to do it, and updating your faucets and fixtures is also a relatively easy task for an experienced DIY’er. A few months down the road, update the lighting and maybe change out the old flooring for new tile. Add a fresh coat of paint, a new shower curtain and fresh towels, and your bathroom will look like a professional gave it a full overhaul.

Get Rid of Popcorn Ceilings

Nothing screams “70s!” more than a popcorn ceiling. Fortunately, getting rid of this bumpy ceiling and exposing its smooth underside is something a DIY’er like yourself can tackle for very little money—and you can do it one room at a time.

First, remove all of the furniture and carefully cover every surface in the room with plastic sheeting, sealed with tape. Use a squirt bottle to spray a small section of the ceiling with warm water, wait about 20 minutes and then start scraping the popcorn off the ceiling with a putty knife. Repeat this process until the entire ceiling is free from the popcorn finish and then wipe down the now-smooth ceiling with a damp sponge before painting it a lovely new color.

Boost the Curb Appeal

There are a number of inexpensive yet effective ways to boost your home’s curb appeal and make it look up to date. Head to a local nursery and pick up some colorful annuals, a few large pots and some mule. Add the mulch around your bushes and shrubs and create a small container garden with the flowers and planters. You can also give your home an instant facelift by painting your front door an eye-catching shade—think brick red, forest green or eggplant. Spring for a new mailbox and a new address number display and in a matter of hours the outside of your home will be transformed from old and tired to new and vibrant.

Remember, Small and Inexpensive Changes Add up Quickly

While you may wish you had the time and money to tackle your entire DIY wish list, do not be discouraged. There are any number of small and inexpensive changes that will make a huge impact on the look of your home, and larger projects like updating a bathroom, can always be broken up into manageable chunks.

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