How to use balanced energy to work with negative people

Everyone knows the experience of balanced energy. You walk into the grocery store and the clerk is glaring daggers in all directions. Or you’re forced to work with an angry person who sabotages your efficiency. Worse yet, there might be a difficult family member with whom you spend the holidays. People might tell you to “suck it up” or that you shouldn’t let other people bother you, but in cases where that advice doesn’t help there are simple energy practices you can use to help achieve peace and harmony, even with people you don’t like.

How to use balanced energy to work with negative people

Visualization: A Shield of White Light

One of the original and still one of the most effective energetic means to dispel unpleasant energy is to direct the mental image of white light at it. White light contains all the colour frequencies, so visualizing white light sends a full spectrum of all the beneficial energy frequencies.

Imagining yourself protected in a shield of white light can keep other energies – such as negative energy from an angry or grumpy person – from affecting you. You can imagine it as a bubble or a suit of armor around your body, or waft your hands around your body to “draw” the protective shield of white light.

Visualization: Honey and Doves

Another visualization that is often effective is focused on sending healing energy to the other person. Two ways to do this include:

Visualizing pouring a big pot of honey over the other person to make them sweeter (this works on cops, family members, irritable coworkers and can even be used on oneself)
Sending the image of a dove (symbol of peace) from your heart to the heart of the person you have trouble getting along with
Those who act angry or seem to be holding a grudge usually respond well to either of these images. It may sound crazy until you try it, but give it a try – this usually works wonders.

Essential Oils to Protect Your Auric Field

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Essential oils can be used to protect your aura from negative energy, as an addition to the shield of white light or on their own. A drop or two of oil on the hands, swept through the aura, around the body, or applied on the chakras can help protect your energy so you will be less affected by other people.

Some of the oils that are commonly used to protect the energy field include frankincense, hyssop, angelica, myrrh, spruce, fir, and many of the Biblical oils.

Self-Balance with Energy Techniques

Most people find that when they are more centered and grounded in themselves, other people’s energy affects them less. Tools from Energy Medicine, dowsing, and other spiritual practices that aid with grounding and centering may also be useful in warding off the impact of other people’s energy.

Protecting Your Balanced Energy

Why is protecting one’s own balanced energy field important when doing reiki or balanced energy work?

In the course of our daily lives, we interact with people – and with their energy. But a practitioner who is working with someone’s energy field to remove energy toxins and initiate healing gets even closer to that person’s energy field. To avoid picking up energy toxins like negative entities or disease energies, a healer needs to ensure that their own auric field is strongly defended against absorbing other people’s energy.

Healers and intuitives are especially susceptible to picking up other people’s energy because they are more sensitive than most people and are uniquely attuned to energies.

Tools for Protecting the Aura

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There are many ways to make the aura less vulnerable to attack and less likely to absorb other people’s balanced energy, from prayer and meditation to physical tools worn on the body. Some of the most readily available techniques are:

Meditation and Prayer
Exercises from Energy Medicine and Brain Gym
Physical Tools: Essential Oils, Smudging, Colors, Crystals

Meditation and Prayer

The mind and emotions have an impact on the energy field. Stress, anger, fear or worry can weaken the immune system and the energy field. Meditation has the ability to strengthen the auric field and make it more coherent. Prayer also helps, as does asking your angels or guides for assistance in protecting your aura.


Balanced energy work is largely visualization, so mentally projecting a strong, cohesive aura is a big help in protecting oneself.

One of the most effective tools is visualizing a shield or bubble of white light surrounding the body. White light contains every color frequency, working on all levels.

Balanced Energy Medicine and Brain Gym

Balanced energy Medicine and Brain Gym provide tools for strengthening the energy field. These tools are simple massaging or holding techniques using points on the meridians (or “brain buttons”) and can activate the energy field to make a healer’s own protections stronger.

Physical Tools: Essential Oils, Smudge, Colors, Crystals

For those who want something they can hold on to, or can easily put on and off, physical tools provide a quick boost to the energy field.

Essential oils – Angelica, frankincense, myrrh, sage, spruce, and others are known for their ability to strengthen the aura. These can be woven around the body using the “celtic weave” (Energy Medicine) or as part of a white light shield.

Smudge – “Smudging” with burning sage, sweetgrass, and other herbs is part of Native American traditions, and is a powerful way to disrupt unhealthy energies. Smudging around the body provides protection.

Colors – Color healing offers tools to protect the body. Black is a protective color, as is white. Any color that helps a person feel more calm or confident usually reinforces the aura.

Crystals– Stones such as quartz and amethyst are said to provide healing energy, while hematite is a powerful protective stone. Be careful not to wear stones for too long, as they may disrupt the body’s energy field if they are overused.

Any of these tools may be used in combination with Energy Medicine or meditation.

Be Coherent

The greatest tool to protecting the aura, of course, is to be coherent within oneself. When all the parts of your being cooperate – thoughts, emotions, and desires – there is very little weakness for non-beneficial energies to attach to.

Until then, many of these tools can be useful when practicing energy work – or any kind of work that brings us in regular contact with other people.

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