The Path to Becoming A Real Estate Agent

The Path to Becoming A Real Estate Agent

Real estate is one of the very foundations of world commerce. Real property includes things such as empty lots, commercial property such as commercial stores, private homes and multi-family housing. A career in the field of buying, selling and helping facilitate the sale of property is a great way to earn a living and make people happier. People who want to enter the real estate field do best if they have certain skills. They must be able to understand the wants and needs of their clients. They also need to have a body of knowledge they can tap into as they work. Certain rules and regulations govern how real estate agents behave. They must follow state and local laws during all aspects of any real estate transaction.

 The Right Age

 All states require agents to be at least a certain age. In some state, the minimum age is nineteen while in others it’s eighteen. Oregonians, for example, must be at least eighteen before they can get a real estate license.

 Basic Education

 In addition to being the right age, all applicants who are thinking about becoming a real estate agent in Oregon must have a certain level of education. Each person is required to have a high school diploma. If they do not, they can also present a GED or Graduate Equivalency Diploma to the state licensing board. There are no requirements to have a certain grade point average or to have earned a certain score on the GED exam.

 State Registration

 After demonstrating they have the requisite age and the educational requirements necessary, each potential applicant must register with the Oregon Real Estate Agency. The Oregon Agency is a state agency that is in charge of issuing licenses for all those who are involved in the field of real estate including potential real estate brokers, people who want to advance their careers by becoming principal brokers as well as those who wish to become property managers or escrow agents in the state.

 Complete a Pre-Licensing Course

 Complete a Pre-Licensing Course


 Real estate agent licensing applicants in the state are required to pass a course in real estate law before they can formally enter the profession. They must complete a hundred and fifty hours of coursework. The coursework provides the applicant with an overview of all state laws they need to understand in order to be a great agent and protect the needs of their future clients. Each potential agent needs to master a specific body of real estate law.

 Passing Exams

 Once the applicant has completed the required classwork, they must take a formal exam. This exam is designed to make sure they have mastered the required material before they begin their career. The exam has two sections. All applicants need to pay a fee and register in advance before they can sit for it. In order to become an agent, they will need to pass both sections of the exam. 

A Background Check

 In addition to passing to completing the exam and passing the real estate exam, the applicant must also submit to a state background check. The background check is necessary in order to make sure the license holder adheres to the standards required to become an agent

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