A Guide To Convert Online Property Leads To Real Clients

One of the biggest challenges in property market is converting leads into clients. This is an era of online marketing and most the queries come through websites. Below are some basic tips on how to close such leads.

online property leads

From online to offline

The first and foremost suggestions every experts would give is to bring the online leads to offline platforms. If you meet someone over chat or mail who wants to talk real estate, it is important to fast forward the conversation by switching to a phone conversation.

If you see the lead as prospect over the online platform, ask the client to set up a quick phone call. It is a step ahead in building up good relationship and also a step closer to meeting face-to-face.


After a phone call you may find out the prospects may be willing to meet face-to-face. You can also assure him or her that you are no stranger now like others who just stick to computer and related chat or mail.

You may also understand after a phone call whether you should invest time meeting the prospect face-to-face. You can figure out whether the person is real prospect.

Phone call may help you in preparing yourself for face-to-face meetings as by now you have better understanding of the client. You should figure out what documents are to be carried in the face-to-face meeting.

Face time

If you are unable to get in touch with the prospect over phone, it is a good idea to create a quick video of yourself instead of just texting. Record yourself with good note like “Hi, XYZ! I am [your name] and we had initial discussion over the chat and phone… I’m so sorry we keep missing each other. Please forgive me if I’ve made it difficult for you to get a hold of me. Tell you what … just let me know you saw this video and that you accept my apology.”

Once you have recorded the video, send it to the mobile number of the prospect.

It is to note that even if you were not to be blamed for no conversation over a time, it is better to place it on yourself as it may be taken as a pressure on your prospect and he or she may be sorry too.

The strategies do work in many cases and it is suggested to follow and watch whether it works for you too.

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