Review: Jawbone Up3 – Not worth the high price without a display

The Jawbone Up3 is priced tagged $179.99 and this seems too expensive for many if the features are compared to other products in the same range. There is no on-band display on it and this is the biggest drawback. Each time user need to check phone for the stats.

Apart from this drawback, users can’t wear the Jawbone Up3 while swimming. The band clasp is a bit difficult to adjust and the heart rate is also limited to the resting heart rate and sleep tracking at night.

Review- Jawbone Up3 - Not worth the high price without a display

Well, there are some good aspects too about the fitness band. It comes with compact design and the battery fuels it for one long week. It can be considered as one of the fantastic fitness apps for coaching and lifestyle tracking.

Design wise the Jawbone Up3 looks like a casual sport braceless and not like other wearable techs available in the market. It is smaller too.

The heart measuring technology of the device is different from other wristbands. It does not use a gree LED to do so. Instead, it uses metal studs to measure bioimpedance. It can be taken as note that older wrist bands, several years ago, used this same technology.

The sensor of Jawbone Up3 is also used to measure skin temperature variations, stress levels and hydration.

The device is water resistance to some extent. This mean it is not perfect to wear while swimming. It can just resist the water while washing hands.

However, apart from several cons of the devvice there are some good pros. It has got a great fitness app. It has food and water tracking toosl. It tracks steps and sleep. It syncs weight and there are other services which are greatly liked. Its latest app update has added more smart coaching to it and also integrated heart rate tracking.

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