Tips For Those Teen Drivers Who Have Just Earned Driving License

Getting a driver’s license in your teens is a milestone and you get the freedom of taking a ride to the open road without adults. It is of course an exciting time and also such time that can change the family dynamic.

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The licences are issued between the ages of 16 and 18, depending on the region where one lives.

Meanwhile, parents have mixed feelings and some take it positively as they now have one more hand with driver license at home while some are weary about inexperienced children behind the wheel.

Such fears are usually expected as the leading cause of death for teenagers is vehicular fatalities. In the United States a data released from Allstate reveals teens are thrice more likely to crash per mile driven compared to adult drivers.

teenager driving tips

Below are some tips to follow for teen drivers:

Safe-driving course

Teens are highly suggested to take a safe-driving course. Department of motor vehicles help in finding one approved such institution. Also, enrolment to the course sometimes benefits with discounts on auto insurance.

Keep phone away

Don’t make phone calls or do texting while driving. It reduces alertness on the road and you may lose focus on driving. Even few seconds distractions may cause serious mishappening. Leave the phone backseat. This will at least not bother you to receive calls. In case you want to make an emergency phone calls, stop the care and thereafter dial the numbers.

Use headlights

Use headlights even in daytime as it increases visibility and helps the approaching driver to see your car properly. Many vehicles now come with auto-on headlights and in near future it may become a rule too.

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Have enough time to reach

Don’t rush to destination. Leave your place a bit ahead of time so that you don’t need to rush on the road and indulge rash driving.

Don’t get distracted

Usually teen drivers get distracted with the radio or by other passengers. Try to keep noises of music system or voices of co-passengers to the minimum. Even co-passengers should talk the least when a teenager is driving the vehicle.

Park at easy parking lane

New drivers may not be very comfortable parking at congested lane and so it is urged to find spaces that have plenty of room. Try to pulling out and not backing out. This will improve visibility. It will reduce risk of hitting other vehicles.

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