How to Protect Your Things When You Travel for Extended Periods

How to Protect Your Things When You Travel for Extended Periods

Travelling is one of the best joys of life. Everyone dreams of travelling somewhere far away for months. But sometimes mundane concerns can stop us. For example, when you are off in the Maldives sunbathing from April to June, who is going to take care of the car? You would probably want all your things to remain where you put them once you return from your vacation. Here’s what to do with your things when you plan on going on long trips:

Send Car and Boat to Storage

If you have seasonal vehicles, like a car you use only in the summer or a boat, these vehicles should be safely stored in a garage.  Thieves are not your only concerns here. If you are gone throughout the winter for example, you could return to find a vehicle in worse shape than when you left. If you have a big garage, then you may be able to safely store all your vehicles. If not, it’s best to find a storage unit in your area, like All Points Self Storage, where you can safely leave vehicles.

Unplug Electronics and Put Them Back in Boxes

Unplug all electronic items in your home before you leave. If there’s a major storm or brownouts during your vacation, your electronics could end up damaged. Plugged in electronics are also fire hazards. For better safety, put the electronics back in original boxes. Pests like roaches won’t be able to get in if you do so. At least wrap your coffee maker or the stereo set in bubble wrap for protection from dust and rodents.

Clean out the Fridge

Clean out the Fridge

Do not leave the fridge plugged in because you never know what could happen when you are gone for weeks. It’s best to unplug the fridge and defrost everything. Clean it out before you leave so the fridge will remain in pristine condition when you return.

Store Away Extra Items

If you live in a house, extra things like seasonal clothing that take up space may not be an issue. However, if you live in an apartment, space could be a major issue. Do not leave additional items like clothing just lying around in the house. You should put them in boxes or suitcases and safely store them. If you are out of space, take them to a local storage unit, like Winnipeg storage units. It will protect your items from dust, decay, and bug infestations.

Cover Furniture

It may be too much trouble to move big furniture like dining tables away. The best course of action in this scenario is to cover them with clean sheets. It will protect your furniture from dust and possibly infestations. Make sure the furniture is clean before you cover them. For example, there should not be any food residue on dining tables before you leave. Otherwise, you could return to see a nasty, moldy surprise.

Do make sure your house is well protected when you leave so your things are protected from robbers and burglars. Install a security system, and ask nice neighbors to keep an eye out for your house or apartment.

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