Virtual reality for online gaming

Virtual reality for online gaming

Hot off the heels of the successful introduction and implementation of live dealers at online games, the igaming industry is already looking towards the next big thing that may make the online casino experience more real and as fully immersive as the latest technologies allow. Virtual reality is where the big casinos are now hedging their virtual chips as they look to find ways to further heighten the player’s overall experience. Casinos such as Guts are one step away from virtual reality casino games. We can expect the industry as a whole to jump on the bandwagon if the virtual reality aspect takes off with the pioneers who launched this first. Should the concept tank or the gaming jurisdictions who regulate remote gaming fail to keep up, it might just be a pie in the sky.

Virtual reality for online gaming is the next natural step for the gaming companies out there wishing to attract new customer segments like the 20-30 somethings. This generation tend to find the traditional casinos who offer mostly nothing but online slot machines somewhat stale. Much success has been seen amongst the casinos who have adapted a more “social media-esque” approach towards younger players, offering more interactions, customisable avatars and various forms of challenges for the players to complete. Virtual gaming could be the next step in securing this lucrative up and coming segment of gaming enthusiasts.

How many of the current casinos already existing clients will go out and purchase VR goggles is a justified question to ask. Many will continue spinning on their favorite slots ignoring the virtual reality experience. However tech-savvy young people who will have bought VR goggles for their online gaming needs, can possibly be lured to the virtual reality of casinos as well. Since it does require a boost in technology and gadgets for players to enjoy VR gaming many casinos will probably adopt a strategy where many of the prizes players can win as a part of their VIP programs or other competitions will be tied to gadgets that enable VR play.

There is still much controversy surrounding the whole concept of virtual reality. It’s a topic that triggers reactions ranging from distrust and fear to sheer excitement. The ability to do virtually (!) anything from your armchair, such as driving, sword-fighting, surfing and of course gambling is a mind boggling thought. This is even more so with regards to the adult industry rather than online gaming.

The various jurisdictions that regulate remote gaming will certainly scramble to decide on the right course of action when it comes to regulating virtual reality casinos. One jurisdiction that already have looked into this aspect of gaming is Malta. The MGA have decided that as opposed to land based casinos where any visible clocks in the casino are non-existent for obvious reasons, online operators based in Malta will have to have visible clocks in their virtual casino at all times. The jurisdictions need to get it right in order for virtual reality casino games to flourish in a healthy manner.

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