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5 Outstanding Gaming Applications You Need to Check Out

5 Outstanding Gaming Applications You Need to Check Out

There are some truly amazing gaming applications available, but some of them fall through the cracks due to the massive number of other games in the market. Here we will go over five of the most outstanding games on Android and Apple to ensure that you didn’t miss anything worthwhile. All of these games have either changed the mobile gaming environment, or they are just so good that they must be downloaded.

Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire

If you love the Final Fantasy environment and enjoy building your own cities and kingdoms, then you’ll love A New Empire. It’s the perfect mixture of magic and city-building. You are put in charge of your own kingdom. You must develop resources, armies and your own hero as you triumph against the local monsters and rival kingdoms.

You can also join guilds to ensure you have some extra muscle when your rivals attack. Check it out now at finalfantasyxvapp.com/#home.

Final Fantasy 15 A New Empire

Alto’s Odyssey

A standalone sequel to Alto’s Adventure, this game takes on similar mechanics but in a desert atmosphere. You control Alto as he uses his sandboard to travel through the desert, does amazing tricks and avoids enemies. The soundtrack is lauded is being one of the best this year, and the controls are so easy that anyone can play this game.


Are you ready for a difficult puzzle game? Dissembler’s puzzles have multicolored tiles that you have to swap and move until you get three of the same color to touch. Sounds easy, but the difficulty quickly ramps up as different types of tiles and more colors are added to each stage.

The good news is that there’s an undo button that you can use an unlimited numbers of times, ensuring that you can solve each stage after enough effort. This is the perfect game if you want a difficult challenge with a true sense of victory at the end.

The Battle of Polytopia

This game has been around for several years and is still noted as being one of the best when it comes to city-building, exploring and battling enemies. You have the responsibility of clearing out wilderness, finding resources, building your city and defending it against enemies. There are two major differences between this game and other city-builders.

The first difference is that you only get a limited number of turns to get the best score. The other difference is that up to 12 players can battle over the same resources in order to be the winner. See why this game is still being rated as one of the best as you enjoy the diverse environments and challenges.

Part Time UFO

This is a charming retro game with SNES graphics that gamers are sure to love. Made by the creator of Kirby, you play as a newly arrived UFO that needs to get a job. You use a mechanical crane at the bottom of your ship to move objects and help people around you in order to get money.

The premise is ridiculous, but the game is incredibly fun as you try to lift fish, pillars and cheerleaders and arrange them properly. Not only that, but the graphics are so amazing that it’s worth the download just to see how they look.


There are so many mobile games out there that it can be difficult finding the truly good ones. These five are like hidden gems that may have slipped through the cracks for some users, but now you can pick them up and try them yourself. Have fun as you see what mobile gaming can really accomplish.

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