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Smart Ways of writing a Compelling Thesis Statement

Smart Ways of writing a Compelling Thesis Statement

Responding to an essay assignment requires you to master the art of writing thesis statements because this little sentence forms the very basis of your assignment. That is why at Thesis Panda, we don’t just provide you with writing ideas, but also thesis statement examples to inspire you. In this post, we shall share out two smart approaches of drafting a compelling thesis statement.

Begin with your reader in mind

One of the main areas that most students overlook or underestimate in their statement is their audience. They tend to focus more on the big ideas that they will include in the statement and forget it is their readers will read those ideas. To be on the smarter side, you need to understand that your thesis statement is the initial point at which you will engage your readers. Therefore, bring the reader on board at this level. In the process of being reader-centric, you should ask and answer yourself the following questions:

  • Does it help the reader to determine your focus and clarify your ideas?

You need to fine-tune your thesis to come to a level where your readers can clearly see through the central focus of your debate in the entire essay. It should also set the platform for your audience to understand your ideas clearly.

  • Does it hook your readers?

The second question needs to focus on how much hooking effect your statement will have on your audience. When you have your readers at the center of your thesis statement, you need to look beyond their intellectual ability to read your papers. That is why you should not just look at whether they can read and understand your ideas, but you should also focus on whether they will want to read it to the end. At this stage, you ought to draft it so that it generates the necessary interest and desire to read your writings with relish, and not grudgingly, as they wait to grade you.

  • Does it give your readers a centralized structure and point?

Besides making your readers want to read your papers, your thesis statement should also give them a sense of unified structure and focus. If they fail to find this dimension in your statement, it will be difficult to convince them that they can find it somewhere else.

  • Is there room for revision?

The last question you need to take care of is the availability of room to adjust the statement should the need arise. You need to remember that you are not just writing to get marks, but also to meet the expectations of your readers. Therefore, draft your statement with this flexibility in mind so you can modify it to meet those expectations as you find newer evidence to substantiate it.

How good are you at gathering and presenting evidence?

The second smart way of writing your thesis statement is mastering the art of gathering and using evidence. This dimension is critical because the essence of a thesis statement entails your ability to defend it with evidence. It is therefore necessary for you to learn how to gather credible and valid evidence that will convince your audience. By perfecting this art, you will keep yourself off the trap of making glittering generalities to support your thesis. Lastly, mastering the art of gathering and presenting evidence will enable you to neutralize opposing views in a logically coherent and provable manner.

Parting shot

You now have the smartest ways of approaching your thesis statement writing at your fingertips. If you need further help, please contact our experts here.

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