8 great ideas of topics for essay writing

8 great ideas of topics for essay writing

You have no idea how lucky you are when you are given a possibility to select the topic on your own! Teachers are also interested in giving you a free will in choosing the theme for your future paper, as it is a chance for them not just to evaluate your writing skills but to understand your personality and things that bother you.

How to decide on a paper issue?

There are several obvious things that are surprisingly often neglected by students:

  • Write down all ideas that seem interesting to you
  • It doesn’t take an expert to see that there have to be enough information on the topic you are going to write about. So check the resources to make sure that you will find enough data to rely on
  • Debate a matter in your mind: will be the chosen topic as much interesting to your audience as to you?
  • You have to be acknowledged in the field the chosen topic refers to

These are the main points to bring into notice when you select the topic. You also may reach out to the experts of the spider essay writing service who can prompt you some noteworthy issues. Or you can select one of the ideas we have selected for you!

8 unusual topics to write about

  1. Imagine yourself the main character of a movie. What kind of movie it is? There are plenty of options to select from: a thriller, drama, comedy, action adventure etc. And do not forget about lesser characters and possible events and twists in the story line!
  2. You are a President of the United States. Suggest three changes that you can do to change life of your citizenry for good. Will you be a popular President after all that changes?
  3. Kids’ responsibility versus Adults’ responsibility. Who is more responsible, a child or an adult and why?
  4. Celebrity crush in the teen age may affect building relationships in adulthood: yes, or no? Think about the consequences of falling in love with an ideal person.
  5. The impact of the multiracial education: is it unite students or provokes racial discrimination?
  6. Are exams being so efficient in the evaluation of students’ knowledge? And if exams are discontinued how should teachers check the level of knowledge and abilities of students?
  7. Should we ban fast food taking into consideration the level of obesity in the US? How does fast food influence on the level of obesity in the country?
  8. Unsupervised browsing through the Internet by children. Is it necessary to monitor kids’ online activities, what age is appropriate for start surfing without parents’ control and how to educate children on the possible online dangers?

These are only a few topics to work with. If you want more – accost to our specialists!

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