Strange But Interesting Habits You Learn While Travelling

Strange But Interesting Habits You Learn While Travelling

When travelling, you meet as well as interact with many different people from all over the world. And as you do, you get to learn somethings and notice a few habits among the people that you are with. Below we look at a few interesting habits that you will pick up if ever you decide to travel to the below destinations.


If ever you decide to travel to Brazil, you will notice that there, the people are more than willing to ask you if you want to take a shower. And while this may seem odd to you it’s just how they are. This is because the country is so hot, so well, taking a shower often is normal to them. You will have to take some time off from playing slots at choiceonlinecasino online casino and shower.


Should you, in your many travels visit Taiwan you will notice that business cards are treated like a gold. You need to make sure to accept it with both your hands and examine it closely before you stuff it into your pocket.  It’s the same with everything else in that country, make sure that you use both your hands whenever you accept anything.

Philippines and Columbia

For most people, pointing with their index finger is normal, but not in Columbia and the Philippines, pointing at anyone with your middle finger is rude. So you would rather use your middle to swipe when playing you best online casinos games.

South America and Asia

So this may be a bit odd, but if ever visit South America or Asia, you can’t flush your toilet paper down the drain. This is because the plumbing systems in these areas are a bit complicated. As such, you will find that there is bucket or tin next to the toilet where you can discard your used toilet paper. While this may seem odd, at first well, when you are Rome, do what the Romans do, as the saying goes.

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