5 Celebs Bad At Charity

These five celebrities are really bad at charities. They raised money for causes, but failed to spend even penny for the purpose. Have a look at them.

Kim Kardashian

The American reality television personality, socialite, actress, businesswoman and model Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian West has a charity too, but not much as many things. Recently it was found she keeps most of the funds generated by her contributions. In one report it is learned she pockets 90 percent of the money earned from selling clothing through Ebay’s charity auctions. However, how much she earns from the sales is not known.

Bristol Palin

The American public speaker and reality television personality Bristol Sheeran Marie Meyer was the second runner-up in the 2010 season of Dancing with the Stars. Later starred in the Lifetime show Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp. She was once spokesperson for Candie’s Foundation that work to lower teen pregnancy rate. However, she didn’t contribute to her own campaign and pocketed for her role an amount of $262,500. The organization gave just $35,000 to teen pregnancy health and counseling clinics.

Khloe Kardashian

The American television personality, socialite and entrepreneur Khloe Alexandra is part of the star squad in reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians and is involved in retail and fashion industries too with her sisters Kim and Kourtney. She had also started charity Cathy’s Kids with husband Lamar Odom and raised more than $2.2 million for cancer research. However, the money was not used for cancer causes and half of it funded elite youth basketball teams.

Lady Gaga

The American singer, songwriter and actress Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, debuted with album The Fame in 2008. Her charity looks like a vanity project. In 2012 she earned about $2.5 million for the cause of empowering youth, but gave just $5,000 as a grant and rest funded to administrative including $50,000 for social media development and $63,000 for stage production.


The American singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman Madonna Louise Ciccone is also called as Queen f Pop for her contribution to mainstream music and imagery in her music videos. She planned to build up a girl’s school in Malawi and raised $15 million for the cause. About 200 people also pushed their own land in 2010 to make rooms for the school. However, not a single penny has been spent towards laying even a brick.

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