Tips to Becoming a Relaxed Mom

Tips to Becoming a Relaxed Mom

I love being a Mom. For me, there is no greater feeling in the world. However, as any Mom knows, it can often be an exhausting journey. Throughout my experience, I have discovered numerous tips to staying relaxed and looking after myself. I wanted to share a selection of them to help you become a relaxed Mommy.


While I am cooking dinner for the family or folding the laundry, my little ones often complete puzzles. I see them having so much fun that I decided I would try it out for myself. One afternoon when the kids were out, I pulled out an adult puzzle, made a cup of coffee, and got to work. While it may sound strange, it was one of the most relaxing activities I had ever done and gave me a feeling of accomplishment when I finished.

Time to Myself

There are a few days during the month where my Husband takes the kids out to their sporting events and play dates. Usually, I would spend this time cleaning or preparing meals. However, one day I paid a visit a local Day Spa. It was only for a few hours, but it felt like an eternity! I found that something as small as a massage or a facial treatment revitalized me. The kids even remarked about how fresh I looked when they returned!


I spend so much of my time reading bedtime story books to my little ones that I completely forgot that there were books for adults! While I was shopping for new books to read to my kids, I picked up a book for myself. The next day as I was resting in bed before sleep, I pulled out the book and got to reading. Before I knew it, I was a quarter of the way through the book and my mind had been taken away from the days stresses.

It’s important for all Moms to remember that they need time for themselves. If you run yourself down too much, it can be difficult to keep up with your kids, and you can miss out on precious memories. The next time you feel stressed or like you need a break, take one of these suggestions and enjoy a moment to yourself.

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