What Financial Status To Achieve At Every Stage Of Relationship

What you want to achieve – financial success or true love? In fact both are important and you need to plan out everything properly. Below are some suggestions of best finance at every stage of relationship.



Knowing someone special in your life is exciting, but it is always suggested to avoid talking about finances too early, at least not in the first several dates. These things come into discussion only when you consider yourself in a relationship and not just two person dating. Ask the right question related to the special one’s attitudes about money and also about marriage compatibility. Never be very direct in bringing the subject. Break the topic like related to job, where the potential sweetheart live and with whom of course. Also, ask what they do for fun and what about their vacation part. Even though the questions appear like about lifestyle, but in fact are linked to money and you can learn more about the date’s income, money lifestyle and financial plans.

Long-term relationship

Once discussion about money has been kicked off, it is recommended to do it on regularly basis like once in a week at least. A survey claims such couples are happy in their relationship. Try to talk about difficult issues even though it is not sexy, but experts believe it is not less sexy too. Observe the actions of your partner to understand the approach towards money like whether he or she is a big tipper. Take note that approach to money tells a lot about the character of a person too. Check one’s generosity, responsibility and respect for money as well.


The engagement ring is one of the many large expenses when you are engaged. Try to set expectations together. Both need to agree whether the engagement should be expensive or you need to save some money for the wedding party. The plan should always be for a lifetime and not for a single day.

When married

For most of the couple savings start after they get married. Try to be good at money management together and plan whether to save or spend the money you both earn from your job or business. It is very important to set financial goals as this will enhance marriage compatibility.

Married for long time

Always remember that finances change after kids are out of the nest. Even when you are married for decades it is important to talk finances on weekly basis.

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