How to Defeat Mega Tyranitar in Pokemon GO Gym Raids

Since its arrival in Pokemon GO on July 25, 2023, Mega Tyranitar has quickly become a formidable opponent, drawing trainers to engage in challenging Gym Raids. As its limited availability continues until August 4, 2023, at 10 am local time, players are eager to learn the best strategies to conquer this powerful beast. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the top counters to use against Mega Tyranitar and provide step-by-step tips on successfully defeating it in solo raids.

How to Defeat Mega Tyranitar in Pokemon GO Gym Raids

Understanding the Mega Tyranitar Challenge

Mega Tyranitar poses a formidable challenge in Gym Raids with its impressive Combat Power (CP) of 52433 as a Mega Raid Boss, backed by strong attack, defense, and stamina stats. However, its Rock and Dark-typing offer trainers a unique advantage, as it is doubly weak to Fighting-type attackers like Lucario, Machamp, and Blaziken. Utilizing these powerful contenders with optimal moves unlocked can deliver devastating blows to Mega Tyranitar.

To conquer Mega Tyranitar, trainers must strategize and maximize damage output. Lucario with Power-up Punch + Aura Sphere, Machamp with Counter + Dynamic Punch, and Blaziken with Counter + Focus Blast are potent choices. Additionally, shadow variants of Machamp and Hariyama, boasting increased attack stats, can further boost your chances of success. By understanding Mega Tyranitar’s strengths and weaknesses and assembling a well-rounded team, trainers can rise to the challenge and triumph in thrilling Gym Raids.

Optimal Counters to Use

To maximize your chances of soloing Mega Tyranitar, assembling a team of top-performing critters is crucial. Trainers have found great success with the following lineup:

Terrakion with Double Kick + Sacred Sword: Terrakion’s Fighting-type moves and high attack stat make it a formidable choice against Mega Tyranitar.
Mega Blaziken with Counter + Focus Blast: As a Mega Pokemon, Blaziken delivers incredible damage output with its fighting moves.
Keldeo with Low Kick + Sacred Sword: Although challenging to level up due to its limited availability, Keldeo is an excellent addition if you can secure one through Special Research.
Shadow Machamp with Counter + Dynamic Punch: Shadow Pokemon’s increased attack stat gives Machamp the edge needed to take down Mega Tyranitar.
Shadow Hariyama with Counter + Dynamic Punch: Another powerful Shadow Pokemon, Hariyama, offers significant damage potential against Mega Tyranitar.
Conkeldurr with Counter + Dynamic Punch: Conkeldurr’s fighting moves and high attack stat make it a formidable counter against Mega Tyranitar.

Consideration for Substitutes

While the optimal counters are highly effective, some trainers might not have access to these critters at level 40. In such cases, consider the following substitutes:

Machamp with Counter + Dynamic Punch: Machamp remains a reliable choice for any player looking to bolster their lineup.
Lucario with Power-up Punch + Aura Sphere: Lucario’s dual Fighting and Steel-typing can also provide an advantage against Mega Tyranitar.
Tips for Success

Soloing Mega Tyranitar requires precise planning and execution. Here are some tips to improve your chances:

Level up your critters: Ensure your chosen counters are leveled up as much as possible to maximize their potential.
Unlock optimal moves: Prioritize unlocking the best moves for your critters to optimize their damage output.
Build a diverse team: Consider mixing up your team with different critters to adapt to varying situations during the raid.
Practice and persistence: Soloing Mega Tyranitar might take multiple attempts, so practice and refine your strategy with each attempt.
Rewards for Victory

If you successfully defeat Mega Tyranitar in a raid, you will be generously rewarded with:

2 Golden Razz Berries
1 Charged TM
1 Fast TM
2 Revives
3 Hyper Potions
4 Rare Candies
1 Rare Candy XL
1000 Stardust
10,000 experience points (XP)
150 Tyranitar Mega Energy
Mega Tyranitar’s Dominance and Mega Bonuses

As the most potent Dark-type mega critter in the game, Mega Tyranitar boasts a fearsome combination of Bite and Brutal Swing moves, resulting in an impressive Damage Per Second (DPS) stat of 20.3 and Total Damage Output (TDO) stat of 983.6. This makes Mega Tyranitar the strongest Dark-type mega creature available, and its presence can significantly enhance the performance of other Dark-type attackers in raids.


Participating in Mega Tyranitar raids offers an exciting challenge for Pokemon GO trainers. With a well-constructed team of Fighting-type critters and a strategic approach, soloing Mega Tyranitar is an attainable feat. The valuable rewards and the boost Mega Tyranitar provides to Dark-type attackers make it an enticing and rewarding raid target. So, gather your strongest critters, perfect your strategy, and embark on the thrilling adventure of soloing Mega Tyranitar!

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