How To Make Smartphone Perform Faster While Playing Games

Usually the budget smartphones slow down when you are playing games on it. You may get frustrated with it, but do take care of below mentioned tips to enjoy gaming to the fullest on your device. Here are just five guidelines, but you may also come across more from other sources. So don’t forget to share those with fellow readers in the comment box.

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Unclutter home screen

This is very important. You should never clutter the home screen. Remove app icons and widget icons from the location. Also, switch to lighter interface of Pixel, Nova or other launcher if it comes preloaded with the phone. Apart from these steps, it is also suggested to change animated wallpaper to a static one.

Uninstall apps which are not used

Too many apps too slows down the smartphone. It is recommended to uninstall those which are not being used. If you don’t want to delete the apps, simply disable those so that you can enable whenever you require the particular app. This process too will help in making the smartphone run faster.

Disable UI animations

Simply disable the UI animations too. You will get extra speed bonus. To do this you need to unlock the Developer Mode first and thereafter head to the settings. Next, go to about phone and get Window animation scale as well as Animator duration scale after scrolling down. Keep everything to 0.5x there if at least you don’t want to put those off completely. Some of the phones may have build number hidden and so you need to hunt for it a little.

Clear app cache

Do know that app creates cache while you use it so that the loading time is reduced from next time. However, over time such cache eats up much space of the internal storage and it is important to address the issue. Just go to Settings and there delete the cache of relevant apps. Don’t forget that doing this may slow down some apps, but the pros here is better than the cons.

Turn-off/reduce auto sync

You know that smartphones are always connected. Also, most of the chat apps and social media apps are always using your internet to stay connected. However, do know that these impacts the performance of the device and also eats away battery life. Simply turn off the auto-sync while you are playing games on the smartphone or manually select which apps you want to sync automatically and which only when you open.

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