How To Beat Loneliness

Let’s first discuss how to overcome loneliness before explaining why not to be lonely in life and what are its health hazards.

How To Beat Loneliness

– We come across close friends frequently amid our tight schedule and busy lifestyle. Experts in psychology suggests to talk with him or her about feelings too instead of just about families or jobs. It is recommended to be honest about your life as it will help you to become close to the other person.

– We all have a good lifestyle of enjoying holidays and birthdays together frequently. It is highly suggested to plan such events well in advance so that you are not left behind and is not lonely at the end when it really matters more to you.

– Meeting a new person sometimes is important part of life. Maintain a note whether you are meeting a nice person once in a month. Take the person to a film, or play, or out for a supper.


– If you sometime feel lonely at work, it is highly urged to fill the lunch break with enjoyable activity like learing a language or listening to a music on your smartphone.

– Last but not the least, don’t wait for others to email you or make a phone call. The person may be too busy in his or her life. It is suggested you make the call or email and don’t feel he or she is rejecting you.

The above are just couple of suggestions to keep yourself away for a lonely life. A new study reveals loneliness is more deadly than obesity and it should also be considered as a major public health hazard.

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Dr Julianne Holt-Lunstad,, Professor of Psychology at Brigham Young University in Utah, led the study that analyzed 218 other studies into the health effects of social isolation and loneliness in the United States.

The research team found lonely people have increased risk of early death by 50 percent compared to those with good social connections. The risk for people suffering with obesity is about 30 percent. This is the reason it is said loneliness is deadlier than obesity in terms of health hazard.

Dr Julianne Hold-Lunstad was the lead author of the study and said, “Being connected to others socially is widely considered a fundamental human need – crucial to both well-being and survival.”

In the current lifestyle an increasing portion of population is living a life of loneliness.

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