Raven’s Cry Review

Raven’s Cry is a pirate-themed adventure role-playing game and has hit PCs with a shaky launch from the stable of Two Worlds developer Reality Pumps Studio. It is playable in the barest sense of word and is said that playing it for more than couple of hours can take on emotional toll.

The game is written in language of cheap misogyny and homophobia, and the only moments for continue playing is when it is merely tedious instead of utterly broken.

Raven's Cry Review

Players need to take the reins of Christopher Raven in the game.

Raven here is a loathsome and sneering pirate in the 1700s and his story in it starts when a job turns sour. On the other hand the Spanish navy burns out almost the entire Caribbean to get him.

Christopher vows to revenge against the Spaniard and not long passes by when wreckage of a ship left by the enemy can be found. The same enemy who raped and murdered mother of Christopher during his childhood time.

Dosen’t it seems like the traditional revenge game that we have played a lot during our young days? However, such stories have become popular in recent years.

The writing of Raven’s Cry is memorable, though for all the wrong reasons. Since its launching the game has seen several patches. Christopher is seen physically assaulting a sex worker and even openly insulting black people. The villains are seen casually joking about rape and the tribal people are treated as mindless cannibal savages in the game.

The gameplay of Raven’s Cry is in fact to be seen in two primary parts – ship-to-ship combat and on-foot exploration/combat. However, believe me, neither works well. If you have played Assassin’s Creed III, the ship combat can be found of similar nature in which you line up broadside to systematically take out the ship hulls of your enemy and sails.

In the beginning when you start to play Raven’s Cry it is quite common to think the ship combat in it is impossible. The game opens up the world map, giving very little information about which combat has some hope of surviving.

Presentation of the game is a bit shoddy and to get the frame rate to a playable state the graphical option in it is to be set lowest or even put those off. During sea battles the frame rate is seen chugged and stuttered.

The game looks unfinished. It is equipped with disgusting vitriol targeting women and people of color. Experts suggest to buy a ticket for a different ship instead of riding one of Raven’s Cry. Believe me. It is absolutely true. What you say? Do share your own views with us and fellow readers whether the game is worth playing and also worth spending your valuable time. Use the below given comment box.

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