Picturesque memories – let your photos tell a story

A beautiful picture speaks a thousand words. Luckily, with the advancement in smartphone technology, you don’t need to be a professional photographer in order to get pretty pictures; instead with a plethora of photo-editing apps, you can alter photos in a million ways using borders, filters, to animation effects. Some of the best apps for your smartphone today are:

A Beautiful Mess:

A must have photo editing application for all iPhone users, it allows highlighting, adding various filters, choosing borders to let a photo stand out, adding phrases and texts as well as doodles which can be customized or pre-set texts, changing the borders, croppin photos, adding backgrounds, and much more.

Filterstorm Neue:

An amazing new app which has now slowly begun to replace Filterstorm , one of the most popular photo editing apps available by virtue of its simple usage as well as speed to take full advantage of your hardware. It has masking tools such as brush/eraser, invert, regular enhancements such as brightness, saturation, contrast, sharpness, clone, noise reduction, canvas features like cropping, rotate, flip as well as effects such as vignette, sepia, posterize, bleach Bypass and more. With its tiling feature, you can edit images larger than the maximum texture size of your GPU. Some features such as automations, borders etc are expected to be included in the coming updates as well.


Spicy visual effects which intrigue and captivate you, Lenslight has amazing lighting effects such as Bokeh which are points of light which expand into glowing shapes depending on the customization of lenses. Each effect can be customized and also multiple layers of effects can be created apart from the app’s ability to texturize photos.


It gives a unique effect to your photos by giving them a DSLR-ish touch. Applying focus and setting BG and Mid-focus features on the background, smart focus area selection by simply drawing surface lines, background blur effects similar to that available in DSLR cameras, and even motion blur effects are available. The filter effects range from basic to professional effects like cross process and even bokeh effects, thus giving you images effects which make them look as if they were taken from a professional camera!


It is not the usual application, but this enthralling app allows you to create an animated GIF from a couple of photos. Filters can be added and also the shooting speed can be controlled making it an extremely fun app to use. You can add texts, and use portrait and landscape orientations. And the best part is Giftboon is a community where you can share your creations apart from just Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr.

PhotoShake! Pro:

With Photoshake you can make amazing new images by combining one or more photos. True to its name, the app allows you to create collages by shaking the phone, which gets random images. Of course, manual selection is also present. Some features include image filters, rotation, scaling, framing patterns, wallpapers, balloons, funny stickers and everything you need to make your photos memorable.


The number of features offered are daunting with Cymera, since it helps you edit not only available photos but also clicking images with all those effects directly from your device’s camera. A Powerful lens with anti-shake, self-portrait and other shooting modes, a limited range of beautiful borders and filters, face detection technology to add enhancements effectively, hair and makeup effects, multiple collage layouts and backgrounds and fun decorations are some of its amazing features.


One of the best available editors, it does something you might have always wanted to do! Remove unwanted features from your photos to give that perfect touch up! That dustbin in the background or the wall hanging you did not want can be removed from the photo without altering the original photo. With access to unlimited undo/redo actions, easy to use interface and in-app video tutorials, it is one of the best editing apps available today.

PicsPlay Pro:

With more than 5 million downloads, this comprehensive photo editing tool has more than 200 incredible filters which offers amazing combinations, blur features such as radial, oval and linear, themes such as beauty, professional, black and white, vintage, and a lot more. You can compare the edited photo with the original photo, and sharing can be done on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and all others.


The fact that it was awarded the best app ever in 2011 for the ‘best photo editing app on android’ category says a lot about how good it is. From applying retro effects, more than 280 amazing overlays to adjust the mood, smooth borders numbering to more than 200 to interesting lighting effects such as grunge, drama as well as sparkle, the sheer variety and number of editing features and more than 50,00,000 finishes available with the app are simply mind boggling features. Also the fact that it is easy to use and easily shared via Facebook or makes it one of the best apps there.

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