Review: Story Of Seasons – Slow progression, completely enjoyable

We all know farming is not an easy job. It need lots of hard work and lots of repetitive work. Things are tedious too, but if you have played the Bolujo Monogatari of this series or Harvest Moon, you may be well aware of the work and also at the same time how to enjoy the game.

Story of Seasons is of slow progression and slow expansion nature, and so it is highly relaxing for players and simultaneously enjoyable too, similar to the predecessors. However, it is to take note that raising the crops and animals offers a real sense of accomplishment. In terms of content there is nothing to worry as it has large amount of those.

Review- Story Of Seasons – Slow progression, completely enjoyable

The game has a long tutorial and so even without previous experience of playing game of similar nature one can play it easily and understand how things work. Players can easily figure out which tool is made for what purpose.

Befriending with villagers is highly necessary and this requires giving them gifts too. You need to take care what type of gifts are like by people as all may not have the same taste. You may come across displeasures from them over being handed a bundle of weeds or garbage. More to this, some of them also like weird things. Well, all of them turn supportive.

In terms of characters there are decent amount and customizaton is good enough.


There is enough charm in the game and the constant addition of new content make the gameplay fresh. However, a little more is needed in it even though the game is long and equipped with big chunk.

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