Game Loading: Rise of the Indies documentary review

This is the era of digital downloading and in recent years it has increased tremendously. As an aftermath, it has become very easy for indie game developers. They have been able to get their games onto different consoles, PCs and also on mobile devices for the masses, as many people as possible.

Each day there appears many new indie games, but how much really goes into creating these games?

Game Loading - Rise of the Indies reveals how easy is to develop games

Game Loading: Rise of the Indies is one such that follows lives of such developers and also the ups and downs throughout the process of creating the games.

The movie moves around developers of The Stanley Parable, Davey Wreden. He talks about development from beginning to release. He shows the hard work that is involved in creating such games.

The documentary in fact does an excellent job. It shows the lifestyle of developers revealing that they put many, many hours into creating the games and also tries to find out some spare time, places as well as money to market the games.

Game Loading: Rise of the Indies also takes viewers to major gaming conferences including Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). It also throws light on the importance of such conferences as well as their marketing aspects in the process of games development.

One of the most interesting parts of the new documentary is to show how much easier developing games has become and even children can start with it. It shows how schools too are imparting knowledge of basics of coding these days so that one can learn those at a very young age.

As a whole the documentary is interesting to watch and know the passion of developers and their creations.

More to all these, the documentary let us know that to develop a game one need not to be a gamer or developer. It says that anyone can create games one has good mind and enough time too.

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  • Emon Raaz

    its a very good job . it helps to develop the power of developing coding talents of students.
    its so much encouraging . i am so much inspired in game development after reading your post . thank you very much .. all the best ..

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