The Latest CS:GO Skins Case in 2022

The Latest CSGO Skins Case in 2022

Each big CS:GO update brings different innovations which may significantly influence the gaming process. While for somebody, the most essential are the addition of new maps, playing modes, and events, the others wait for new CS:GO skins cases. The best custom designs from the Steam community workshop are added to the latest collections and represented in the latest update.

On the night of January 21th, a new item set, “Dreams and Nightmares”, appeared in the game. Many players considered this CS:GO skins case one of the best collections because of the new 17 exciting items. Let’s define what the update brought to players and describe each new skin.

What Does The “Dreams and Nightmares” Case Include?

The items for this CS:GO skins case were chosen from the player’s contest, held from July 22th to October 21st. There were more than 15,000 designs of the most talented CS:GO community painters, but only 17 were chosen for the collection. The prize pool for such a specific competition was approximately $1,000,000, and 10 authors of the best skins got $100,000.

The idea of new items is implemented with both funny and terrifying designs (however, there are more scary skins). The latest case includes 17 skins for pistols, SMGs, automatic rifles, and knives. The unique aspect is that the wear decrease doesn’t add any attritions and scratches to the items – each quality makes skins look entirely different.

The price for the CS:GO skins case was $0.6 at the beginning, and the key can be bought for $2.69. There are 2 covert, 3 classified, 5 restricted, and 7 Mil-spec items, valued at $0.17 – $23.5. The case also includes both old and new knives, which may cost even more than $400.

skin case


The 2 red-quality skins were designed for AK-47 and MP9, and they won the player’s attention exactly with the update release.

They are the following: 

  • AK-47 “Nightwish”. The design represents a light blue beast with pink eyes chasing somebody in a nightmare. The atmosphere of fear and horror is supplemented with colorful spirals around the monster.
  • MP9 “Starlight Protector”. It is a more optimistic skin with a unicorn emitting stars and sunshine during the beautiful dream.

The price for an AK-47 is $23, and for MP9 is $9. The gamers consider these items from the CS:GO skins case the most exciting.


There are 3 pink-quality skins from the collection: 

  • MP7 “Abyssal Apparition”. The SMG is decorated with tentacles and claws, and their different colors terrify.
  • Dual Berettas “Melondrama”. There is a watermelon with eyes on the pistols, which smiles and looks directly into the soul.
  • Famas “Rapid Eye Movement”. Many eyes looking at different sides make the skin one of the scariest in the game.

The skins cost no more than $3 for different wears, making them entirely accessible.


The skins of purple quality include designs for shotguns, pistols, SMGs, and rifles: 

  • XM1014 “Zombie Offensive”.
  • G3SG1 “Dream Glade”.
  • PP-Bizon “Space Cat”.
  • USP-S “Ticket to Hell”.
  • M4A1-S “Night Terror”.

M4A1-S is the most expensive item of the restricted quality from CS:GO skins case and costs approximately $3.8.


Such skins are less expensive than the previous ones but are also beloved by many community members: 

  • P2000 “Lifted Spirits”.
  • Five-SeveN “Scrawl”.
  • SCAR-20 “Poultrygeist”.
  • MAC-10 “Ensnared”.
  • MP5-SD “Necro Jr.”.
  • MAG-7 “Foresight”.
  • Sawed-Off “Spirit Board”.

The regular price for blue-quality items is no more than $1.

To Sum Up

The new CS:GO skins case collection brought many exciting items, which many players want to get nowadays. Everybody, who considers the new skins noteworthy, may try different methods (for instance, online case openings) to get them.

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