Titans of the Sun – Myths Meet Gaming

One of the most used themes for game developers is mythology. No matter if it’s Norse (see the famous Rune for example) or Egyptian (remember the gods helping you build pyramids in Cleopatra?), mythology serves either as a backdrop, or as a main theme for a great variety of games of all types. Why would slot machines be an exception? But with its new slots the online casino software developer Microgaming has reached further back than any other – to the dawn of time, according to Greeks. The new game (or games, as they are two) are titled Titans of the Sun, and their main characters are said Titans, Hyperion and Theia.

Titans of the Sun - Myths Meet Gaming
Titans of the Sun – Myths Meet Gaming

For those of you unfamiliar with Greek mythology, here is their story. All the Greek pantheon is composed of the ancestors of Gaia (the Earth) and Uranus (the Sky). These two primal gods gave birth to the first 12 Titans, including Hyperion and Theia, the main characters of the games. Hyperion and Theia have later become the Titans of the Sun, being the parents of Helios, the Greek Sun god. Their story continues with more love and a lot of bloodshed, but I leave it for you to read.

Titans of the Sun is a pair of freshly released slot machines, available at the All Slots Casino. The games can be played for free, but also for real money at All Slots, a prime provider of such services online. All Slots offers its new real money players amazing bonuses from the moment they make their first deposits, and lots of benefits later on – generous promotions, great specials and access to a large collection of the best quality games. Titans of the Sun is just the latest in a series of games you can play at All Slots – and you can expect to get even more of them each month.

Players can choose one of the two versions of the Titans of the Sun game, depending on their preference. The games offer the exact same features, environment and winning opportunities – the one difference between the two is their main character – the titan Hyperion or the titanesse (is this even a word?) Theia. The slot machine comes with all the usual features – wild symbols, free spins and bonuses – along with an innovative one – the mystery symbol. Represented by the Sun, this symbol changes into any other symbol (including Wild symbols during free spins) once landing on the screen, maximizing the game’s payouts each time.

Titans of the Sun are a pair of visually appealing and quite entertaining video slots you can try at the All Slots Casino.

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