6 Tips to Taxi Safety

6 Tips to Taxi Safety

Using a taxi makes you surrender control to a total stranger. Scary right? That said, you should be mindful of your safety while taking a cab.

Not to say, taxis are bad. They’re actually a fantastic mode of transportation with many safe drivers. However, we have heard cases of theft, sexual abuse, and eratic driving. If you sense any form of danger or suspicious conversation, do not be afraid to end the trip.

Accidents can’t always be avoided and that includes for rideshare and taxis. Can the passenger sue Uber or Lyft for compensation? To get the correct answers, please consult a dedicated car accident attorney.

How to Stay Safe While Using a Taxi

1. Be Cautious When Calling Your Taxi in Public

Calling for your taxi in public puts you at the risk of being overheard. Think of it this way, if someone who operates illegal taxi services overhears you, they might call their driver to come to pick you up.

Since you are in a hurry, you will enter the trap thinking it is the taxi you called. To prevent such instances, make the call before leaving the office or at a private area in a busy street.

2. Verify the Driver

Taxi apps give you the car type, number plate and image of the driver. Checking if the driver picking you up is the same as on the app can eliminate safety concerns. You might be late for a meeting or work. But a minute of cross-checking the taxi details can save your life.

You can also check the driver’s ratings from the app. If the driver suggested to you has poor ratings, consider cancelling the trip. You cannot risk being on statistics of people harassed by taxi drivers.

3. Confirm the Prices in Advance

Knowing how much you are supposed to pay reduces stress when you get to your destination. Explain to the driver how much you expect to pay if you had ordered the taxi from an operator. If they insist otherwise, request to alight and report the manner to the taxi service.

If you are using the taxi apps, keep your data on so you get to see how much your trip costs on destination. Since you are using the same application as the driver, there should not be a difference in the fare.

4. Take the Back Seat

Unless you are sharing the taxi with a couple of friends, avoid the front side passenger’s seat. In the back seat, you are less visible and accessible. If the driver is creepy, they cannot reach you in the backseat unless they pull over and come to you.

5. Never Share a Taxi with a Stranger

Many people share a cab to save money, but cost-sharing with a stranger puts your safety at risk. Some drivers plan robberies with their friends in this manner. They will stop, pick up someone and in the next few minutes, all your belongings are gone. If the driver insists on picking someone on the way, demand to alight immediately.

6. Send the Details of Your Ride to Someone

If you are going to visit a friend, send them the details of the cab you are using. After boarding, call them and inform them you are on your way. This practice can deter the driver from harming you because they know someone else knows you are in their cab.

If anything happens and you do not call your friend, they will use the details you send them to trace you.

Your Safety Is Your Priority

If you are drunk, please avoid taking a strangers taxi. You could call a friend to pick you up or send you a familiar taxi driver. Women have the highest chance to become a victim to criminal taxi drivers. Following the tips above and trusting your gut will keep you safe.

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