What Is Binge Eating Disorder, Its Symptoms And Treatment

Do you know the real difference between overeating and uncontrollable overeating.

What Is Binge Eating Disorder

If taken a look at the definition of Dr Victor Kwok, head and consultant at Sengkang Health’s Department of Psychiatry, overeating is not related to suffering from binge eating disorder while uncontrollable overeating means when there is a loss of control.

He added in binge one eats until feels uncomfortably full and it gives the feeling of disgust or guilt after eating. It should occur once or more in a week for continuous three months.

If believed to experts, the binge eating disorder is even more common than HIV, Schizophrenia and breast cancer.

Binge eating risk factors

What Is Binge Eating Symptoms

Binge eating risks health wise more to those who come from separated or broken families, who got a family history of the same, who resort to eating to cope with stress and the pregnant women who are under lot of stress from the pregnancies.

Is binge disorder different

Experts say in some cases it can turn into bulimia nervosa as in binge eating disorder the person do not starve and nor exercise or vomit unlike other types of eating disorders.

Binge eating disorder health consequences

People put on weight in the case and so suffer from associated metabolic conditions including high cholesterol and hypertension. Psychologically they are unhappy too and this worsen their self-esteem issues. Their stress is more heightened.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

It is to note that those with binge eating disorder are also diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Binge eating disorder symptoms

People are usually aware of the disorder and some warning signs are like sudden intake of great amount of food within a short period of about two hours. They are also unable to stop themselves from further eating even after getting the feel of full.

Binge eating disorder treatment

Usually people don’t take help under such condition, but if treated it may take several months to cure. During the first few weeks of treatment the focus is to stop the binge eating episodes. Later, the fight is to reduce weight and thereafter to maintain the current weight. This is a successful treatment.

Amid such binge eating disorder becoming common these days, it is highly suggested to have good control on eating and not to make it too frequent like avoid eating in every hour. More to this, experts believe checking one’s weight regularly is a good way to measure yourself and keep yourself away from binge eating disorder sufferings.

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